1. Harsh Pranami

    Need help with Greedy Technique Problem

    Here goes the question. Given a class S of sets Si where 1<=i<=m. Let the size(cardinality) of a set Si be ji. A subset T of S, T={T1, T2, ........., Tk}, where Ti= Sr in S. T is a cover of S if U Tk= U Si , 1<=i<=m. A minimum cover of S is a cover of minimum size. Consider the greedy strategy...
  2. saswat23

    Fire breaks out on the sets of Comedy Nights With Kapil

    Fire broke out on the sets of TV show 'Comedy Nights With Kapil' at Goregaon Filmcity on Wednesday morning. According to the Fire Brigade control room, the fire broke out at 8.15 am on Wednesday. Four fire engines, five jetties and an ambulance have been rushed to the spot. According to...
  3. S

    Soundmagic ES 18 from Pepperfry.Com

    Longtime user of ES18 and I recently ordered two black and green sets from Pepperfry as the price was good. But the wires on the sets that arrived are significantly cheaper feeling than my old earphones. And the green is also way brighter. Is this a change from Soundmagic or have I recieved...
  4. D

    Cleaning of connectors of modem etc.

    Modems, Splitters have thin wires inside it where the telephone jack, rj45 cable jack fits. It appears that these connectors have become dirty and thats why often I donot get internet link. Removing and then again connecting the jacks often sets the problem right. I would like to know how these...
  5. clmlbx

    guys what tool set do you use?

    I never had proper complete tool set . I was thinking of buying one. then the ultimate question was which one and from where.. then I had a thought we have a very good percentage of guys in this forum and this topic was never discussed I believe. I know most of here are tech guys but we all must...
  6. ritvij

    [Want to Buy] iPhone 4

    i need an iPhone 4 preferably locked or very less used.. Just like new. Also, i heard that apple is starting to sell refurbished sets at 22k.. where can i get them?
  7. kool

    Nokia 101 vs Nokia C1-02, which one is good? Cost Rs.1050 to Rs.1500

    Guys, want to buy a Nokia handset for my dad, as he is already using Nokia 2730 but he need extra mobile for roaming sim. Only for talking & for important SMS. I've checked these two sets on NOKIA 101 & NOKIA C1-02. Both have same design. same screen & dimension. and these diff: Nokia...
  8. D

    buyin phone on ebay

    hey all Instead of waitin fr a relative to come frm US with a phone for me, i thought of buyin one on ebay. Except i dont koe how reliable it is to but electronics online. Plus what is the deal for unlockin the phones here, and does the warrenty for the new sets apply here too? I am...
  9. dubey.vibhu

    Signal loss due to splitters if cable wire is used

    Hi, Is there any signal loss(clarity wise)if I use a "splitter" to watch cable TV on my two Tv sets in different rooms.. Moreover just like Tata Sky , can I only see a same channels in both TV sets.. Thanks.
  10. thewisecrab

    PM being spammed?

    What's this I get in my PM inbox? New naive member or spambot? Either way it sets a dangerous precedent :???: (I replied to this PM, but got no revert yet)
  11. IronCruz

    Nokia vs Ericsson

    I have decided to buy Nokia 5130 XM or Sony Ericsson w395. Please suggest me which is good. Does both sets comes with earpiece?
  12. H

    Windows based set within 12-13 K??

    Firstly, thanks to all of you for replying & helping me with my previous queries: I have decided on the HTC Touch 3452, but the price in Kolkata is approx 17 K. It is a bit above my budget. Can you please help me with some other sets with 1.Windows Mobile 6.0. 2.A decent mp 3 player with...
  13. sreenisatish

    2x2.1 = 5.1?

    Okay, probable N00b question here. If I get two 2.1 speakers sets, can I make them work like a 5.1 (or 5.2 :p) setup? If it is possible, then how? Because, in typical 5.1 PC setups, we have a separate jack for center/sub, but in 2.1 speaker sets, the sub is derived from the left and right...
  14. Vishal Gupta

    [Help] 2 Queries Regarding Various DTH Services: Tata Sky, Dish TV and Big TV

    Hi guys I need some help from existing DTH users using Tata Sky, Dish TV or Big TV. I want to know a few things before going for DTH: 1. Almost all DTH provides way to use it in more than one TV set by purchasing 2 set-top boxes along with some extra charges per month, I want to know can we...
  15. abhinandh

    mac osx users-please help

    can anybody please d'load this dmg and mount it and upload the wallpaper sets in it.need them.please. upload at please
  16. praka123

    Govinda shows off fists of fury, slaps visitor on sets

    New Delhi: Bollywood actor Govinda showed off fists of fury on Wednesday afternoon when he slapped an alleged trespasser on the sets of his new film Money Hai To Honey Hai in Mumbai. While addressing a press conference on the sets of the film the actor slapped the onlooker in full view of the...
  17. gaurav21r

    Google Sets.... Useless????

    Hey try the new Google sets program (still in Lab). What I wanna ask is..... What is the possible use of such a service? Whether in Business or Scientific research. Or maybe is it just for our fun ;) ??
  18. vish786

    mobiles u own other than nokia and ericsson?

    hi friends, mention ur mobile with ur model number along with ur features other than nokia and ericsson u possess, lets see which sets are more popular..... :D :rolleyes: ;)
  19. T

    Opinion needed about Motorola C650 Could somebody please give his/ her opinion about this set?? I am offered this for 3K (2nd hand), is the price fine?? I have other sets too but, want to keep this as emergency...
  20. Official Techie

    mobile for less than 6k

    I m looking for sets either from sony erricsson or nokia
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