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  1. B

    UPS "voltage & sensitivity settings"

    UPS "voltage & sensitivity settings" here are the couple of emails i got from apc when i contacted them about restart issues i get power switches from mains to inverter. need to discuss here before i'm trying this. would this solve ups/apfc psu issue? - - - Updated - - -...
  2. A

    Suggest me a Tablet 8" within budget 8-9K

    Its mainly for browsing , reading books and playing casual games. Good touch sensitivity is must. Screen can be 7", but 8" is preferable. Dev Support and can be upgraded to the latest Android.
  3. H

    ASUS Orion (Not The Pro Version) For Portable Devices???

    I have a question... How does the ASUS ROG Orion performs with the portable devices such as iphone,tablet etc... ??? Can it crank up enough volume with those portable devices??? SPECS- Connector 3.5 mm(1/8”) jack Driver Diameter : 50 mm Driver Material : Neodymium magnet...
  4. $ingh

    Cooler Master Launches CM Storm Recon Gaming Mouse

    Cooler Master, the industry’s leading provider of gaming peripherals, power supplies, high-end chassis, thermal solutions and mobile accessories today announces the launch of its new gaming mouse, CM Storm Recon. Like other CM Storm mice, the Recon is designed for gamers who demand precision...
  5. D

    Sony vio touchpad sensitivity problem

    Hello all, Yesterday i purchased sony vio SVE15113E and found its touchpad behaving strange, sometimes it registers a click even if i haven't clicked especially while using the browser. Plus its sensitivity is also very poor, at times i have to tap it like hell to register a click. I have...
  6. clmlbx

    Mobile at 12K

    Hello, I will be buying it next week. I want an Android phone, I am open to all suggestion but I had few in mind.. lg net, Explorer and xperia mini.. I was about to buy mini but when I read user reviews and it says it still has problems regarding over heating & button sensitivity. so am back...
  7. A

    Does Higher Sensitivity mean louder Headphones?

    I had a cheap headphone having sensitivity of 116db, its loud enough to be heard from 5 to 6 feet away at highest volume. I know it damages ear if i use that high volume. But i kinda like the headphones for music/videos have lower sound levels because they are compressed to lower sizes, i rarely...
  8. C

    Touch Sensitivity of Smartphone

    Hi All, I want to know wht is the touch sensitivity of Smartphones after 2-3 years of use... I mean they are using Procy of 1Ghz... so can any expert comment on this part as how would be there performance after 1-2 years of constant use..... I asking this coz i want to buy smartphone which...
  9. Gaurav

    APC config modes

    when i run the apc UPS medium sensitivity setting(factory default), the UPS seldoms run on its backup and after 10 to 15 mins i had to switch off my PC, which i did'nt want to. My question is that if i run the UPS at low sensitivity setting will it be safe for my computer and various other...
  10. C

    MX 518 sensitivity

    i have the Logitech Mx 518 mouse i still havent understood the whole DPI concept .. is it of any use to me as i play on sensitivity 1 - 2 .. ?? how can i make sure i dont have to change my sensitivity .. at home i play at 1.4 but in cafes i have to change it to 1 - 2 - 3 depending on...
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