1. RumbaMon19

    Negative Experience Ordered Keyboard cleaner from amazon, received silicone cups.

    I ordered a mini vacuum cleaner for my keyboard from amazon, from this seller. Today I received the order just now. Instead of vacuum cleaner, the person had sent me silicone molds used in making fancy chocolates. This is what I ordered:-...
  2. D

    Is IndiFlashMart official seller on flipkart?

    Guys is IndiFlashMart official seller on flipkart?
  3. sam9s

    [For Sale] Intel NUC DN2820FYKH kit & Zotac GTX 660

    GPU 1. Model number and details: Zotac GEFORCE GTX 660 synergy edition 2. Date of purchase: Early 2015 3. Reason for sale: UPgrade 4. Warranty details: Out of Warranty 5. Expected Price: 7K 6. Location of Seller: Ghaziabad. NCR 7. Shipping : I will ship but shipping cost and all responsibility...
  4. D

    [Complaint] Amazon deletes seller's feedback.

    Guys, yesterday i left a 1* seller feedback for a purchase i made from amazon but it got deleted. This is a very serious issue because i purchase a item based on his good rating. But unfortunately he send me a low quality product ( Its a roti maker, whole thing has started to rust with just one...
  5. bestpain

    Negative Experience been cheated by ebay

    i bought a Technotech Mini Wireless Keyboard 2.4 GHz - White 1 Year Warranty at rs 549. paisapay id-42859014010 the keyboard i recieved was not working and is physical damaged and i raised the claim ....but the claim was closed without my information. here is the response on their site...
  6. S

    Guys, can you check this WD 3TB external HDD & is it okay to buy from Ebay

    link is below - WD 3TB MY Passport Ultra Portable External Hard Disk Drive USB 3 0 Black | eBay model number described is - WDBBKD0030BBL-NESN link to the profile of seller - lowestprice2014 on eBa what tests should i perform (when i get it) to know if its a legit one not a...
  7. A

    Suggestion on Hp Pavilion 15 gaming notebook

    Hello there First of all Im quite sorry to start a thread like this.Im not a great writer at all:crying_NF: I havebeen using past 6 year an Intel core 2duo powered lappy which is now showing its age in the world of modern os and apps I want to buy a sixth gen i7 quadcore laptop in the...
  8. D

    ASUS ROG GL552JX-DM291D vs LENOVO Y5070-59441760 vs Dell Inspiron 5548

    Hey there, I am looking to purchase a new laptop for me. What do you suggest out of the listed models in the thread title? Asus ROG GL552JX DM291D Core I7 4750HQ 4GB 1TB 15 6" Full HD 4GB Graphics | eBay Lenovo Y5070 59441760 Core I7 4720HQ 4GB 1TB 15 6" Fullhd 2GB GTX 960M GDDR5 |...
  9. Cyberghost

    Flipkart blacklists 40 sellers for malpractices

    NEW DELHI: In a move to improve the quality of its marketplace, Flipkart has blacklisted about 40 sellers, through its mystery shopping network of 60 employees, which was established this month. "The identified sellers were selling either fake products, defaulting on deliveries or stocking out...
  10. V

    Suggestion to buy note 4

    I want to buy note 4 .... In ebay it was listed very cheap (around 30k) but when i tried to buy the mobile I showed that mobile can be shipped only with in seller city... When I contacted the seller he told be he could provide the mobile directly but I have to pay him 40% of price as advance...
  11. A

    Nexus 4 Battery Buying help.

    I don't know if posting in correct section or not.But need some help.My nexus 4 battery is dead(its swollen and stays for 1-2 hrs only so i am sure its dead).So i need to buy a new one but not sure from where i can buy.I need an OEM one. So what are my options? I can put new one myself if i...
  12. gurujee

    Macbook Air or Pro

    Need a Mac machine for Photoshop and light video editing. Should I get an air or pro? Budget is up to 70k. Need apple because it runs final cut pro. EBay is good for buying? Getting a good deal. Seller seems good too. Getting these two within my budget.. One is 2013 late Pro and other is...
  13. maheshn

    Negative Experience Belkin USB data cable - freebie removed by seller or FK during shipment and Item not as advertised

    My 2nd negative experience from FK. Ordered a pink Belkin USB data Cable. Item at Belkin Mix IT Micro USB to USB 2.0 Charge Cable/Data Cable USB Cable - Belkin : seller name: AIRDEALS Ordered: Pink USB Cable. Got: Dark Purple :-( On the original Belkin Box: "Includes...
  14. S

    Negative Experience Fake Xbox Controller sent!

    I ordered a Xbox controller and it turned out to be fake.That too the seller have flipkart advantage badge! i lost all trust now!
  15. A

    PSU & Cabinet for R9 270X

    Im planning to get this config CPU i5-4440 MB Gigabyte B85 d3h GFX R9 270X Can I get Antec VP550 for this config. Would it be sufficient. This config will remain as it is, with any addition of further GF cards or GFX upgrades. Also please suggest a 2-3 cabinets options for it (as...
  16. sling-shot

    Discussion: watch thread

    We have a thread watching Flipkart and is useful. Similarly this thread for watching which in my view is a good alternative to Flipkart. ----------------- At the outset I would like to say that to-date I have ordered 3 items from and the experience is as follows ...
  17. J

    CPU+Mobo @Kolkata

    1. *Model number and details: CPU:- Athlon ii x3 435, unlocks to phenom ii x4 b35. Motherboard:- MSI 785G-E53 (AM3 socket) 2. *Date of purchase:24/4/2010 3. Reason for sale: Upgrading to new cpu+ mobo. 4. Warranty details: Not in warranty. 5. *Expected Price: 4.5k(Negotiable) Slashed to...
  18. .jRay.

    Seller Query Reliable Seller to buy an expensive watch??

    The Seller Wrist Dãƒâ‰Cor Does anyone have an experience buying from him? He has a rating of 4/5 Are his watches Original?
  19. bssunilreddy

    Corsair TX650M

    1. Model Number and URL: Corsair TX650M and 2. Date of purchase: 20-April-2013 3. Reason for sale: Going for CX500M PSU 4. Warranty details: 4 Years Warranty Left...
  20. akii17kr

    Sony Xperia Z for RS. 23545 from ebay .. Should i buy it or not ???

    Well i am thinking for buying Xperia Z from ebay for Rs. 23545 and its very cheap as it comes with 1 year seller warranty for both hardware & software... I need your advices if i should go with it or not as its with seller warranty.. Seller is however is good with 99.2% positive...
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