Negative Experience Ordered Keyboard cleaner from amazon, received silicone cups.


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I ordered a mini vacuum cleaner for my keyboard from amazon, from this seller. Today I received the order just now. Instead of vacuum cleaner, the person had sent me silicone molds used in making fancy chocolates.

This is what I ordered:-


And this is what I received.

The order was non-refundable. So I contacted amazon support.

Amazon on the other hand was very supportive. They asked me for the pics of what i received. They told me that i can keep whatever I received, but they will refund me my amount. Amazon refunded me my amount which I paid. I really liked amazon's service.

Coming to the seller, I just saw it is a new one, and has no ratings on amazon. Added the fact that the item I bought had no reviews. So do not order from this scammer.

I would like if digit and TDF brings these types of scams into limelight so further people are not scammed.


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TBH there are many shady sellers on Amazon. That is why you should always prefer to buy from sellers who have "Fulfilled by Amazon" mentioned on the product page or high reputation sellers like Cloudtail or Appario.


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And even if its Cloudtail or Appario, please record unboxing of costly items or if anything is fishy with the packaging. i noticed lots of posts on indian gaming subreddit last month where people were scammed but could not fight the claim because they didn't record unboxing and amazon/flipkart executive was not accepting that the buyers really received bricks instead of laptops. Then buyers are resorting to social networking sites to get attention and come to subreddit asking for support.
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