Negative Experience Belkin USB data cable - freebie removed by seller or FK during shipment and Item not as advertised


My 2nd negative experience from FK. Ordered a pink Belkin USB data Cable. Item at

Belkin Mix IT Micro USB to USB 2.0 Charge Cable/Data Cable USB Cable - Belkin :

seller name: AIRDEALS

Ordered: Pink USB Cable. Got: Dark Purple :-(

On the original Belkin Box: "Includes free USB to Lightning Cable". No such item present in the box. Removed either by the seller or FK.

Disappointed. Will be cutting down on all orders not from WS Retail., and slowly move away to Amazon/Newegg.

(This is the second time such a thing happened. The first time was ordering a Gold Powerbank and getting a black one with cracked case.)

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