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I wanna know that in the Display settings option on the desktop, if I change my resolution or colour to that one which isn't supported and if that dialog box that comes up asks me to say yes or no within 15 sec and I accidently press the Yes button, then how could i get it back ?

I think the Safe Mode would work, right ?


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Go to properties by right clicking anywhere in desktop..........open settings tab and change back ur resolution settings.................

u can do this too frm control panel..............find ur video adapter there............and change ur settings frm there.........

remember setting resolution 2 non-supporting mode may damage ur VGA card and VDU too...........


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Do you mean that you don't have a display anymore and the screen is black/blank? Or are you asking "just in case"?

Yes, you can get a "normal" setting back in Safe Mode. Safe Mode has a limited range of options for screen resolution setting. Boot to Safe Modeand go to Desktop Settings, click OK even if you haven't changed the setting. That will retain the Safe Mode setting for screen resolution after you boot to normal mode.


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wrong freq can kill your monitor -before taking any chances :) check manufacturers catalogue for more info reg freq and resolution supported.
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