What're the APPS which you use daily on your PC?


Lost in speed
What are the Applications which you use (often)on your PC?
Let me share mine.

  • PC maintenance/Health - CCleaner/Glary Utilities/Tuneup/Defraggler/HD Sentinel
  • Media - WMP/VLC/Bsplayer
  • Security - 360 Total Security
  • Search - Instant File Find, Everything
  • Media editing - Photoshop
  • Browser - Chrome/Firefox
  • Productivity - Office 2010


Conversation Architect
PC maintenance/Health - Never used any software for this
Media - Media Player Classic
Security - MSE
Search - Google, Bing
Media editing - Photoshop CS3
Browser - Firefox
Productivity - Ms-Office


Chosen of the Omnissiah
PC Maintenance - CCleaner
Media - VLC
Security - Microsoft Defender
Search - Google
Media editing - None
Browser - Waterfox
Productivity - MS-Office 2016


Conversation Architect
Search is not "Search Engine" :lol: It's the softwares which make the "Windows search" easy.
For example, as like this in "Everything".

I know dude, but for me the inbuilt search option of Windows does the job. And for everything else there's Google, Bing.
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