1. M

    Should I go For This Laptop Or not Opinion required

    I have around $1000 of Gift card balance in and so I am thinking of Buying a Laptop Here Is what I have Found Was under My bidget * Acer Aspire V3-572-78S3 Its configurations are: Windows...
  2. ramakanta

    Installed DDR II RAM of Differents Clock Speed !!!

    I have Intel GC 945 Motherboard PC . it was 1 GB of DDR II RAM. yesterday I have installed another 1 GB of DDRII RAM of Samsung company . Now my system working speedy than previous. I have install two different clock speed of DDRII RAM of different company, due to unavailable of same clock...
  3. arko1983

    laptop for my sister

    my sis has gone to usa for phd so she needs a laptop.I have searched some models mainly lenovo and come across 3 models:- 1)IdeaPad Z570 Laptop - 102434U--------$600 System Components 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i5-2410M Processor ( 2.30GHz 1333MHz 3MB )/ Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium...
  4. AshutoshM

    Server motherboard along with RAM and processor

    Products - 1. BRAND new Intel SCB2 SCSI server motherboard 2. BRAND new 2gb(two 1gb sticks) SDRAM for above motherboard. 3. Used 1gb SDRAM (two 512mb sticks). 4. BRAND new PCI 64bit 2U riser card for above motherboard which will...
  5. navraj

    Computer hangs at "Checking NVRAM"

    During bootup, my computer halts during BIOS checks displaying "Checking NVRAM". I have to restart it multiple times and then once in a while it boots up. I could not get any update for the BIOS also. Below are the specs: BIOS Type: AMI BIOS Date: May 16th 2005 BIOS ID...
  6. H

    Sony vaio vpceb16fg for gaming

    Hi guys I just want to know that how the SONY VAIO VPCEB16FG the new laptop from sony will handle the following games. 1. gothic 3 2. oblivion 3 two worlds 4 resident evil 5 the specifications of this laptop are as under intel® Core™ i3-330M Processor 2.13 GHz 15.5 (39.37 cm) wide (Full-HD...
  7. go4saket

    Help me in buying a Laptop

    Hello friends! I am planning to buy a Laptop and am confused in between the two models as below: Dell Inspiron Intel Core i3-330M (2.12 Ghz) Windows 7 Home Premium 14' High Defination WLED 1366x768 2 GB 1066 Mhz DDR3 SDRAM (1x2 GB) 250 GB 5400 RPM Sata HDD ATI Radeon HD4330 512MB GFX Wireless...
  8. A

    confusion in memory upgrade which is the best option available

    hello their friends i am trying to upgrade ram after a long time the problem is that the configuration is little bit outdated according to today's requirement. but still i have to upgrade my memory. i am little bit confused as i have come across two option for which here are the links (option...
  9. J

    Price of DDR SDRAM

    Please anybody let me know the price of DDR SDRAM 512 MB (64bit,184 pin module unbuffered non-ECC PC2700/2100, 333mhz.
  10. vinodh_89

    Old Celeron PC for sale

    Selling my Celeron PC Specs: 17" Compaq CRT Monitor ATX Cabinet 810 Chipset Motherboard Intel celeron 1.0 Ghz Processor 40 GB IDE HDD 1.44 FDD Samsung Combo Drive 256 MB SDRAM TVS Keyboard + Zebronics Optical mouse Expected Price : 3.5k Chennai takers will be preferred first...
  11. Ashok Verma

    what is overclocking? and...

    hi friends, i just want to know that what is over clocking and what's the advantage of it? also i want to know why my DDR400 RAM is working as DDR333 whats the reason behind this? MY PC Configuration is given below:- Hardware: CPU Type Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.06GHz Motherboard...
  12. Spiff

    Biostar M6TWL motherboard (Intel 810E)

    Currerntly i m having on my old pc: Biostar M6TWL motherboard (Intel 810E) P III - 866 MHz. 64 MB x 2 SDRAM 20 GB HD Now i want to upgrade it to 512 MB SDRAM. nd Hard disk n cpu too... nw pls tel me wat can i gt for d same motherboard... i plan to use linux(ubuntu) on it...:confused:
  13. the great one


    I need 2 upgrade my sdram on my system can anyone tell me the price of 512 mb and 1gb SDRAM, 133Mhz.....
  14. D

    Upgrading DDR2 SDRAM for laptop

    I have a laptop Dell Inspiron 6400 with 512 MB DDR2 SDRAM I do not know the speed of the RAM. How to find out? And also I would like to add an additional 1GB DDR2 SDRAM 667Mhz. Suppose if I find the 512 MB to be 533Mhz, is it still advisable to go for a 667Mhz additional RAM? Will they work...
  15. A

    For Sale : Assorted Parts

    Hi I have following to sale :- 1. SMPS for P3 : 2 No. 400W.: Rs 300 Each 2. SDRAM 128MB :Rs 400 3. SDRAM 64 MB : Rs 250 4. Samsung CD Writer 24X : Rs 500 I am at Mumbai,. Pl contact with ur reqts.
  16. thewisecrab

    Is SDRAM available?

    HI Guyz u see i got hold of an old PC with: 1)Intel i810E MOBO 2)1200Mhz celeron processor 3)128mb SDRAM with 2 more slots as given in CPUZ. I was wondering if i cud increase d RAM to 512 mb So my Qs are: Can i find SDRAM?If so what price? Otherwise what other option? (bsides selling it as if i...
  17. sourav

    how much system does my system support according to this...

    I can't understand the line It is possible to install four 2048 MB (2 GB) modules for a total of 8 GB of system memory, however, only 4 GB of address space is available. <i>koi help karega</i>
  18. R

    Explanation about specs for RAM

    Hi, I have a D845GEBV2 Intel Desktop board. The specs say it has 2 DIMM Sockets for up to 2 GB of Double Data Rate (DDR) 333 SDRAM Memory. Currently i have a 256 DDR RAM installed in the PC. I wish to upgrade to 1 GB . So what is it going to be DDR1, DDR2 , SDRAM or anything else... ...
  19. R

    FS: Pinacle PCTV pro, P4Celeron 1.7Ghz, 256MB SD RAM, 128MB SDRAM

    I have the following spare items for sale 1)Pinacle PCTV pro capture card (with remote) : 1000/- incl shipping 2)P4Celeron 1.7Ghz : 900/- incl shipping 3)256MB SD RAM (hynix)----- 4)128MB SDRAM (Hynix)------ 800/- incl shipping 4) Socket 478 motherboard (VIA chipset) : 600/- incl...
  20. J

    Hyundai 64MB PC133 SDRAM

    Selling: Hyundai 64MB PC133 SDRAM Working perfectly. Interested ppl please PM me for details.
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