1. jal_desai

    Tutorial: Port Forwarding in ZTE ZXDSL 831AII Modem 100% working!

    ZTE ZXDSL 831AII is a new modem which is being provided by BSNL upon new DataOne Broadband Connection. One may find it difficult to configure it when it comes to port forwarding in this modem. Even on, a tutorial is NOT available as it is a very new modem. Its older...
  2. N

    Royale Blue Theme For Windows Vista

    If you liked the RoyalBlue theme on XP and wanted a similar theme for Vista is one released by Ramesh Kumar (an Microsoft MVP) Screenshot: Download and Instructions for Using can be found at
  3. dhanusaud

    Screenshot for S60V3

    Does anybody know screehshot software for S60V3? I am currently using Screenshot V 3.01, lemme know if there is anyother software that has capabilities to take screenshot with higher resolution.
  4. gauravsuneja

    (req) how about starting iphone screenshot thread

    i about starting iphone screenshot and theming thread .
  5. FilledVoid

    How well can Ubuntu be customized ...

    Please modify the topic to "How well a Linux Distro can be customized" to maintain a small footprint and use minimal resources? Well heres an example. The last thing I need is for people believe Im trying to sponsor some kind of Ubuntu Revolution..... Screenshot...
  6. abhinandh

    Windows 7 Build 6519 Screenshot Gallery

    Paul Thurrott has posted a screenshot gallery of Windows 7, you know -the one that was handed to developers back in December 2007; well for those who have been living under a rock and haven't seen them yet, follow the link below. "... A few weeks back, the first external build of Windows 7...
  7. pritish_kul2

    Outlook 2007

    Hey, I am having a prb with outlook.The following error appears"The operation failed" Here ia a screenshot of the same-
  8. abey87

    Vishal Gupta Need Your Help !!!!!

    Plz pay attention to it After a fresh installation of XP I got a problem with the language. it is in Thai, plz help me to change to US english. Below I have given two screenshot of my problem. Plz check the screenshot for better understanding of problem I have change the language in...
  9. Dipen01

    Rundll Error in Vista !!

    Hey guys, I am facing some problem with Vista. Recently dunno why there is frequent pop-up of some Rundll error (Screenshot Attached). This happens anytime without any pattern. Nothing i do triggers it. Also there can be multiple instances of same. At one time there were 5 errors...
  10. Vishal Gupta

    [Contest] MeraWindows Announces Desktop Competition on Diwali

    Guys Today MeraWindows announced a really cool contest on the occasion of Diwali festival. :) You just need to post your current Windows desktop screenshot and if your Desktop is the best among all, then you can win some awesome prizes. ;) Full Information
  11. Nilanko Halder

    Vista Transformation Pack-Config

    Please give me a screenshot of the best configuration of VTP 7!;)
  12. drgrudge

    How to Update to USB2.0?

    I have a Western Digital Passport (Portable HDD). When I connected to my lappy there was no problem, but here in my old PC it couldn't. After some research I found out that the USB need to be updated to USB 2.0. Here's the screenshot of the driver manager for that thing: I tried to update...
  13. R

    See How The First Microsoft Site Looked Like

    Ever wondered how the first microsoft lite looked like?.. Check out this Screenshot
  14. T

    can a vista like theme slow down my ubuntu?

    i installed a vista like theme from gnome-look and i seem to have slowed my pc down. is it possible or is it that any theme takes the same cpu usage and hence nothing wrong? it might all be in my head. by the way how does my desktop look? screenshot @
  15. utsav

    NFS Most-Wanted Timings

    Most of us cannot run nfs carbon on our systems so i have started a thread for you to post your best timings in any race of NFS-Most-Wanted. It will give many of us a chance to compete with each other Proof is required with screenshot. Note:-please post thumbnails only along with the link...
  16. krates

    Thinkdigit Toolbar

    I Created A Thinkdigit Toolbar i will be customizing it a lot Download It Here Appreciation needed ahh edited screenshot added
  17. Pratyush

    Name The Game!!

    here's a game for you. I saw it in the SKOAR! forums created by enoonmai, so i decided to start it here. The rules are simple. Take a look at the screenshot posted and identify the game. The person who IDs it correctly gets to post the next screenshot. Note: Please, do not be stupid and...
  18. A

    how do i capture a screenshot from a movie file?

    i have rmvb movie file and i want to capture a screenshot from it. i tried to do it with the option Save Image but it gave error message (media player classic). i tried also print screen button but it didnt do anything. can anyone help me ?
  19. anandk

    The Snipping Tool in Vista.

    situated in c\windows\system32\ is vista's 'SnippingTool.exe'. another useful in-built utility in vista to capture screen-shots. its shortcut can be found in the start menu>all programs >accessories. it can take full-screen, particular window, any rectangle or free-form "snips" of ur...
  20. blackpearl

    The best known feature of Vista that you never knew

    See the screenshot (166KB) Original Digg link:
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