1. omega44-xt

    Error message while booting

    Whenever my PC boots, the following error message displays up, then my PC turns off for about 5 sec, then restarts & boots to homescreen without any error message. But if I shut down the PC completely & then turn it ON, again the above mentioned things happens. Screenshot of Error message ...
  2. bajaj151

    HDD : Should I RMA ?

    I checked one of my hard disk using HD Tune and I am getting Health Status as Warning Here is the screenshot :
  3. Jaskanwar Singh

    Post Your Cinebench Scores Here

    0AsRVOTWPtiv1dDdvT0tmQUpXZXR3RTdnajR6MUgtX0E Aloha Fellow Overclockers! Show off your CPU OC skills and post the Cinebench scores here. Download Cinebench from here - CineBENCH 11.5 download from Download CPU-Z from here - CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting...
  4. R

    Hey! Guys I need some HELP

    Heya guys...Good Evening* I am currently using Corei3-2100 SandyBridge With ECS-H61H2-M2 MotherBoard + Simtronics 4GB RAM@1333Mhz It works pretty well infact Outstanding :) I need suggestion for *GPU* My budget is approx 6500-/ INR Currently i am on a stock fan. So suggest me if needed :) Here i...
  5. dharmil007

    DvD Writer not working & suggest new dvd writer

    i Have Sony dvd writer {SONY DVD RW AD-7260S 1.61).it is reading discs perfectly & writing CDs perfectly. But when it comes to write a DvD, it gives error.i M attaching a ScreenShot of the error, for ur reference.PlS. help me out guyzz what should i do ??? i'VE tried writing different files...
  6. W

    Firewall Identification

    Could someone identify the firewall being used in this screenshot?
  7. sumonpathak

    wPrime 32M/1024M Battleground

    All right guys…its time bring out the potentials of your processors here….so I bring to you the Wprime benchmark thread…..the rules are simple… You must use thewPrime v1.55 version choose 32M calculation have a valid screenshot (see example below): clearly show wPrime time, processor...
  8. Faun

    Prey 2

    BVCfo6CLkb0 Starts in parallel with Prey 1 timeline but different perspective from a Bounty Hunter's POV. Gonna be Mirror's Edge, Mass effect, Borderlands + Killzone 2 esque. Bethesda and Human Head venture :) - Main character is Killian Samuels, sheriff and...
  9. N

    Folder names are not visible!

    Hi all, I have Vista Ultimate. In my E drive, all the folder names are vanished. I can see the names on the Details Pane, but not on explorer. I can see the names of all the subfolders though. here's the screenshot: g help me guys!
  10. maxmk

    Forum Font Color Needs a Change !

    Hello Guys, I have just checked the TDF and found color grey every where. I have attached the screenshot.. Is this just me or everyone else getting same?
  11. skippednote

    The Desktop Screenshot Thread

    This thread will be a Platform for all the TD members to Show Off their Desktop Screenshot and share their views on others. I begin the Thread with my Screenshot taken last week --
  12. G

    [Linux] Take Screenshot with Mouse Cursor

    Guys, how to take screenshot with mouse cursor in linux, i have tried GNOME Screenshot, KSnapShot and GIMP but no luck. In windows, i used IrfanView but i having difficulty finding program to take screenshot with mouse cursor. Any Application suggestions. Thanks in Advance...
  13. MetalheadGautham

    KDE 4.2 "The Answer" Released

    THE BIGGEST NEWS FOR THE START OF 2009. Its finally OUT. Reviews are praising it a LOT. Anybody here got it ? UPDATE: MY REVIEW OF KDE 4.2: SCREENSHOT:
  14. Ethan_Hunt

    F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin Demo out!

    As promised the demo is up & running. It's again a whopping 1.76GB demo. Here's the link: As you can see it's gamershell & it's a hell(ish) download site. So bear with it. Also a screenshot of the graphic settings from the game posted on...
  15. axxo

    Gmail Updates Its Look, Adds Themes

    Google's beloved web-based email client has always been ripe for third-party design customization (we've always been partial to the Gmail Redesigned skin in Better Gmail, for example), but now Gmail is officially riding the interface customization train by offering 30-some new themes to spice up...
  16. Krazzy Warrior

    Game Screenshot Taker -- Software Needed

    Hi Gamerz, I was confused whether to post in Software Troubleshooting or Gamerz section and last I choosed Gamerz Section.Here my problem goes... As you all know that I am starting to play Counter Strike Condition Zero..I wanna have screenshots during my game of the screen.. I need a software...
  17. Worried From Bugs

    Unable to Delete a Porn File on Desktop

    I am Very Sad, a porn File on Mine Desktop . I am Unable to Delete this File!! As Mine Computer Is Family PC Mine Brother & Sister Use to Open, So I am Really Worried what happen when they see this File name? :mad: Here Is Screenshot: Please Guys Help Me its urgent I also Used Delete Doctor...
  18. R

    improper display

    hi friends. i am facing a problem regarding the lines appearing on my laptop screen.i have taken the screenshot also i don't know the cause of this problem and how can i resolve this. so please help me regrading this.
  19. maddy_in65

    Ubuntu title bar problem

    I have applied one theme in ubuntu, however the titile bar doesnt appear proplerly as per the theme. Please check the screenshot below. Please suggest how shld i fix it
  20. Pearl Groupz

    A Call to All Wordpress Designer...Design a theme for me & get 25 $

    A Call to All Wordpress Designer...Design a theme for me & get 25 $ the Design I have seen on a web site...the same design i want..... Link of that Website will be given through Private Message I will give 25 $ to Whom who will Design the Exact design :lol: Details about the Skin: 1) He has...
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