1. rakesh_sharma23

    Scratch Open Frame Case Build

    Scratch Open Frame Case Build Hello to all Time for another case build. It has been more than a year passed; I made my last Scratch case build the Home Media Server (Small Square). Home Media Server (Small Square) Since then was busy in other...
  2. R

    Do i need scree protector for gorilla glass 3?

    Most of the phones today come with gorilla glasses and claim to be scratch proof.So do we really need to put a screen guard on such displays?
  3. anmolksharma

    How to learn programming from scratch?

    What is best suggested book/online resource to learn c/c++ programming from scratch and how much time it would take for a person to master the language or at least get hold of it?
  4. A

    [For Sale] Apple Ipad2 @ 18.5k

    Apple Ipad2 @ 18k 1. *Model number and details : Apple ipad 2 wifi 16GB. 2. *Date of purchase: March 19 2012 3. Reason for sale: Funding for a new PC link 4. Warranty details:warranty ended on march 25 2013 5. *Expected Price: 18000 6. *Location of Seller: Chennai 7. *Pictures along...
  5. M

    Nokia C5-00 3.2MP, 3G, GPS, Bluetooth Handset. In Mint Condition.

    1. *Model number and details: Nokia C5-00 2. *Date of purchase: Dec 2010 3. Reason for sale: Upgraded to Sony Xperia SL 4. Warranty details: No 5. *Expected Price: Rs 3000 6. *Location of Seller: Kottayam, Kerala 7. Accessories Included: Original box, Charger, Data Cable 8. *Pictures along with...
  6. tkin

    [For Sale] Panasonic FZ150 for sale in almost new condition!!

    For sale: Panasonic FZ150 Condition: Sparingly used, almost new, not a single scratch anywhere, neither or lens nor on lcd. Expected Price: 20,000/- 19,000/- Cancelled Date of Purchase: 07/2012 Warranty Remaining: Yes, 1.5yrs Invoice: Available(see pic) Reason for sale: Upgrading to FZ200...
  7. ratul

    [PROJECT] Anybody having experience in Linux from Scratch?

    Ok, so for final sem project, me and my friend chose to make an OS using Linux from Scratch, but he does'nt have any experience in linux, and what i have is just a basic set of commands, so i am working on it, and currently making my linux concepts clear before proceeding.. We have alot...
  8. K

    Creating a new linux from scratch

    Hi to all the FOSS friends, I am thinking of creating a new linux distro mainly focussing on the user friendliness. Almost all the linux distros are more complicated to understand and work with. If it is easy there will be not any questions posted in this section.. Post your valuable...
  9. A

    8 months Old Omnia W for 6.5 k [mumbai only]

    Expected Price: Rs 6500 Shipping charges : N (only in Mumbai -Thane - Navi-Mumbai ) Payment Method : Cash Manufacturer page URL: Samsung Omnia W Description : 8th Months Old lot's scratches bottom back.some scratches on top back no single scratch on middle metal part no single scratch on...
  10. cacklebolt

    Case and Scratch Guard

    I own a samsung galaxy y and i am planning to replace its scratch guard and tpu case... i got a scratch guard from the dealer but then it began to develop air bubbles so replaced it with a cheapo from a streetside vendor and thats even more horrible..the scratch guard has scratches!!! will...
  11. azzu

    [Want to Buy] A smartphone

    want to buy a smart phone (win7 or andro ) requirements -->Hi-res screen (preferably large scree size) -->Should be able to play 720p videos out of box -->Good camera -->Absolutely scratch less screen --> Approx 10k open for all options :D my place : Hyderabad
  12. theserpent

    After effects

    Hey i looking for an tutorial to learn after effects from scratch :wink:
  13. D

    Psp 3004

    For Sale ! My PSP 3004 Hacked ( Soft Hack so warranty is valid dont worry ) Black in Pristine Condition in Warranty + without scratch + 8 GB Card + Silicon Cover + Bill + Scratch Guard PSP 3004 Black in Warranty You can Google it About the PSP Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Expected...
  14. T

    Cheap (Screen Ward) scratch guards good ?

    i hv been looking around for scratch guards for my touch screen phone and have come accross tons of Screen Ward branded scratch guards(all over ebay)...i js want to know ...can they be trusted...i know they are js around 100-150 i m bit worried abt their quality...has any1 out here...
  15. kool

    is anybody have ONIDA tv?

    Guys. i'm planning to buy ONIDA 21" TV in ACE or CARBON. at Rs.8300 bcoz it has USB port that can play multimedia contents from pen drive, and it has better sound than samsung. Current diwali offer: 30 month warranty Free scratch card (any prize, min. 1 bag) Reliance DTH STB Guys, i want ur...
  16. SlashDK

    Reset PC

    Hi ppl, Right now I formatted a p4 PC and installed windows xp. Now the problem- I tried to partition and now there are 3 partitions (somehow could not delete one) and 3 installations of windows xp. Please tell me a way so i can reset my pc and start from scratch ( install OS and Partition...
  17. walkmanguru

    Best book to learn PHP And MySQL?

    Which is the Best book to learn PHP And MySQL from scratch... (object-oriented)
  18. B


    Can anyone tell me abt telnetting, how to use it from scratch? i want every term explained.....
  19. pr.itdude

    Which Linux is most popular to take on ? there institutes in delhi/gurgaon providing these kinds of certification courses...?? Actually, i am thinking of doing some short term courses in linux as a part of my summer training for B.E.....!!! As also, im not so good and just started linuxing so i have to go from scratch. b4...
  20. M

    GadgetShieldz scratch protection skins for Ipod Touch 2G - Need Tips

    Just received Gadgetshieldz scratch protection skins for my new Ipod Touch 2G from . Has anybody got any tips for installation which is not mentioned on the site ? All these days I have only heard about these skins but never installed one. Same product as the...
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