[For Sale] Apple Ipad2 @ 18.5k


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Apple Ipad2 @ 18k

1. *Model number and details : Apple ipad 2 wifi 16GB.
2. *Date of purchase: March 19 2012
3. Reason for sale: Funding for a new PC link
4. Warranty details:warranty ended on march 25 2013
5. *Expected Price: 18000
6. *Location of Seller: Chennai
7. *Pictures along with your User ID + date written on a piece of paper. photo (1).jpg2013-04-10 01.35.09.jpg

8) 12 month old in Pristine condition....similar to a brand new ipad...Very sparingly used
9) Not even a single scratch in the front or the back side I used the scratch guard and the pouch always
10) Jail-broken - you can install any tweaks and any paid app for free
11) Free scrach cover worth and Free pouch worth
12) Wall charger cum PC connector
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Although the product is in good condition you should price it around 16k considering a brand new isn't much costlier than the current price.
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