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Guys I am in a trouble here. I have to submit a project on School management System for my mini project by 13th April 2013 and I am not getting much time for it. So if anyone could please give me the source code for this would be really helpful.


Should Run on Code::Blocks though if it runs on Dev C++ then also it'll do.
Should not contain any errors whatsoever.
Length should be around 1000 lines though thats not a restriction, if you find something running with more lines then also it would be good.

I got a nice program from Coding talks site but the problem is that it don't execute in Code::Blocks, if any one of you could rectify the errors of that program then also it would be really great. :)
Here is a link to that
School Management System/

Please help guys, now I really need it.


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I don't use code blocks. I use Visual Studio. Will try to fix up any C++ related errors and post it. (Though don't rely on me as I will do it based on the free time at my disposal). Hopefully that should help you in getting it done. You could make it compliant with Code::Blocks later. I will try and keep everything to standard C++ practice

Update: The project that you have posted about, is definitely not a good way to code. (The entire code is within one file, including all classes, structures etc. Also some of the logic doesn't sound right) Will see what I can do. Will work on this mostly tonight.
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Hey sorry, been busy for past couple of days. I have worked on the code. Though I haven't changed the code logic at all (and it is faulty logic anyway). I will post the code tonight mostly. You will have to port it to Code::Blocks though that shouldn't be an issue considering all the calls are the standard C++ calls. And you will have to sort out the logic yourself.
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