1. windchimes

    Laptop HDD Error -How bad are these? Inputs needed

    Hi guys, Recently my Windows 7 OS wasn't booting in and I gave it for service . They came back saying that my Laptop had a faulty HDD. As per their recommendation i got a new HDD and they said they were not able to backup data as the drive changed to "dynamic" and to take it to data recovery...
  2. S

    com.sts in android 4.1.2

    I've i ball andi 4.5 d royale previousely my antivirus is cm security, but now I turned to 360 security. After checking for virus scan it shows com.sts vulnerablity Which indicates it need to "Force stop" But I don't know what is com.sts Do i STOP IT OR NOT. Is it a malware???
  3. S

    Reliable Multi functionality Printer with reasonable cartidge efficiency

    I thought printer shopping would be easy and straightforward. But this is harder than getting a mobile where there are endless choices!! I don't mind paying a bit higher for the printer. However, my primary concern is cartridge price and efficiency. Cartridge business looks like a mega scam...
  4. dashang


    Guys, there is new app... must have android app ...its price compare app and also has facility to scan bar code Go to (open with google play)
  5. ax3

    Scan & Defrag Software

    hi, i have Intel core i5 machine | 4 gb RAM | 2tb seagate hdd | Win 7 64 bit ... from last few days my machine is getting slower & slower, sometimes application also shows "not responding" bt resume in few sec ... so i checked with process explorer, its show "windows desktop manager" not...
  6. D

    Problem of quick heal ts with Win 7

    I am having problem with quick heal boot time scan with Windows 7. Whenever the boot time scan is scheduled, initially quick heal scans the system in native mode then the screen goes blank. After switching off on, the system shows startup error and then has to be restored to last known best...
  7. O

    Good driver update software for Win 8?

    Dear All, I am looking for a good driver update software which can not only scan my system drivers (gpu, audio, chipset etc) but also can scan my installed progs (firefox, winamp, vlc), codecs (if possible too). I am using Win 8 64-bit. Please note it should be able to scan and recommend me...
  8. Knight2A4

    Fake link that appers on google

    Just from some days a links to popular sites like facebook, monster jobs & others are appearing in my search links WOT high lights these links as dangers ... I have scan my system for infections but nothing turned up. Please advice if any one else also is having the same problem or WOT is...
  9. H

    Cannot setup USB Modem in Linux. Help!!

    I have the Prithvi branded BSNL EVDO modem. This is the guide that I followed - How to Connect to Internet from BSNL EVDO Prithvi UE100 modem in Linux(Ubuntu) In that guide, he was using Ubuntu but I am using Linux Mint 13 (Mate edition). That should not cause any problem since Mint is...
  10. harshilsharma63

    PC got infected, help needed in cleaning

    Hi. I gave my external HDD to a friend and i got infected with the shortcut malware. The drive had two objects: '$RECYCLE.BIN' folder and a shortcut pointing to 'system32' folder. The data in the drive was not visible. I scanned it with MalwareBytes Anti MAlware and it showed two reg values...
  11. Sarang\m/

    Lappy hanging in windows 7

    I have a Hp pavilion dv6 6255 laptop with windows 7 home basic pre-installed in it. Nowadays it starts hanging every now and then. It goes too slow and it doesn't even shuts down. I have to turn the power off for restarting it. After that it becomes fine again and after a few days it starts...
  12. curioustechy

    'Windows fax and scan' in ubuntu 11.10

    Hi friends i would like to know is there something equivalent to 'windows fax and scan' facility available in win7.? My intention is to fax without a fax machine
  13. K

    WD 1TB Ext HDD: File is corrupted or unreadable error

    I am having trouble with my Western Digital 1TB External HDD Few days earlier I got this error "File is either corrupted or unreadable" while creating new folders or copying files in few specific folders of Drive F only. Drive E was working fine. I ran Disc Scan from Drive properties > Tools...
  14. L

    Do I reinstall Avast! Free Antivirus to get vivus protection?

    I send my computer for in a repair shop this summer they not so great around my neighborhood is my opinion and I don't think my dad is going to go back there again.The guys where the ones that put vivus protection on my computer and its call avast! Free Antivius it suppose to protect against...
  15. P

    Need a Printer. That can Print, Scan and Copy.

    I want to buy a printer that can scan copy and print. Only laser printer, that can be refillable easily. I want to use that printer in my Cyber cafe. Black and white will be ok. Budget Rs 8000/-.
  16. Sarath

    [WINDOWS PROBLEM] No programs are opening

    [SOLVED] (Windows problem) No programs are opening PROBLEM RESOLVED Thanks to everyone who has contributed.I couldn't have moved an inch without your support: dashing.sujay Neuron Tech&ME s18000rpm MatchBoxx Sam mithun_mrg Liverpool_fan Zangetsu TheMost...
  17. radonryder

    system restarted during drive not working

    So i was running a scan on my external Imation HDD for errors.It had to be unmounted to do so.I cliked the dialong box that did so.And it was scanning so was isntalling something and the computer restarted mid scan and now the drive shows up without any space under it and when i try to run...
  18. rajat22

    [SOLVED] Microsoft Security Essentials Always asking for a scan

    Using windows XP media center updated version. After a recent update Microsoft Security Essentials becoming yellow and asking for a quick scan everytime after log in. I am using Microsoft Security Essentials since a long time & never faced such a problem earlier. How to avoid the annoying...
  19. N

    MFD(Print + Scan + Copy) for Home use under 4.5K

    Hi, I am on the look out for an inkjet MFD having print, scan & copy features. My budget is maximum 4.5K. I would like to have an MFD that is easier to maintain(supports ink refilling). Also does any chance of Duplex printing on any of such models? Looking forward 2 ur suggestions...
  20. satyamy

    Need a Scan Document Management Software.... ?

    Hello, My friend need a software to manger his Scan Documents I googled & found a software "Inforouter" but its too much costly need a similar cheap software just for use in 1 PC (no server / client) Please suggest........
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