1. pranjal.3029

    2.1 Under 2-3k for a friend's room

    A friend has asked me to check out all options for a 2.1 Speaker Setup under 2k max. Though if you can suggest anything under 3k which is worth spending extra dough, then maybe I'll persuade him. So far, I have checked both Amazon and Flipkart and then picked all these: Envent ET-SP21234...
  2. G

    Dilemma - F&D 6000 at 4500/- OR creative SBS 335 at 1400/- ??

    My friend is offering 1 year old F&D F6000 5.1 speaker system for Rs 4500 (good condition) whereas a new creative SBS 335 2.1 system is readily available for Rs 1400 in nearby market . I am using lenovo Z580-59333346 laptop (stereo sound) so i won't be able to hook it up in 5.1 mode with F&D...
  3. R

    Need 2.1 or 4.1 speaker in Rs.2000/- budget

    Need speaker under Rs.2000/- Speaker can be 2.1 or 4.1 but must be good quality sound. I selected the following by my own search 1. INTEX COMPUTER M/M SPEAKER BEATS IT-1875SUF BL 2. INTEX Computer M/M Speaker IT-222 SUF 3. Creative SBS A120 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers 4. Creative SBS A235...
  4. sygeek

    Speakers under 3k (preferably 5.1)

    I'm thinking about buying these - Creative SBS A520
  5. TechnoHolic

    2.1 Speaker Comparison

    Need a basic 2.1 speaker set..casual usage..price around 1.2k to 1.5k.. Found some models.. F&D F203G 2.1 Multimedia Speakers: Creative SBS A120 2.1 Multimedia Speakers: Creative SBS A335 2.1 Multimedia Speakers: Looks Very good..don't know...
  6. T

    Unable to install windows sbs 2008 in DELL POWEREDGE T100

    Hi Still unable to install WIN SBS 2008 in DELL POWEREDGE T100 server and the long post is going on at Unable to install windows sbs 2008 in DELL POWEREDGE T100 My problem is unable to install sbs 2008 in 500 GB 4k sectors hdd but installation is successful in 512 bytes sector hdd...
  7. T

    Locking inactive client's automatically !

    In our sbs 2003 domain environment, the clients' pc's inactive for default period will be locked out automatically and only Ctrl+ Alt + Del & client password combination will unlock the client's pcs. Recently around 9 months before, all our client's pc's joined the new sbs 2011 but (usually all...
  8. K

    Office Pc !!Buying Online!!

    Hi,Pls suggest reliable online stores for following Components. Purchasing it at Bangalore. first time online purchase:-o. Got tired of S.p road(market shops) and Pls Suggest an Alternative LCD monitor @ 4k. also a good UPS. Components------Description Processor--------AMD...
  9. Techniboy

    Creative sbs a335 v/s f&d a520

    Hi, I want to buy a good 2.1 speaker under rs 2000 I will be using it for casual gaming and listening to songs and to have small parties in one small room. I shortlisted these 2 speakers in my budget:- 1. CREATIVE SBS A335 2. F&D A520 I cant decide which1 to choose please help me...
  10. ratul

    Need 2.1 under 1.5k?

    I just need a 2.1 set for gaming and occasional music (indian bollywood and some rock). I was having intex 2.1 2000w speakers, so basically need a cheap 2.1 system with a good bass and sound under 1.5k. Preferred brands - Altec Lansing (bxr1121 or bxr1321 or vs2621) Creative (anything in sbs or...
  11. superboysahil

    Unscrewing Creative SBS 245??

    I want to open up creative SBS 245 speakers but cannot find the screws... can any1 tell me how can i do it?
  12. esumitkumar

    2.1 Creative SBS 370 Speakers

    1. *Model number and details: Creative SBS 370 2.1 Speakers read more details here SBS 370 2. *Date of purchase: Around 1 yr ago 3. Reason for sale: Going for laptop speakers 4. Warranty details: N/A 5. *Expected Price: 800/- 6. *Location of Seller: Gurgaon Uploaded...
  13. Blue Ripazah

    need to buy speakers

    hi i need to buy speakers my budget is Rs 2000 i m going to club it with my earlier 2.1 creative sbs 370 :-D :8-) :))
  14. sukesh1090

    creative sbs a300 speaker bass problem

    guys i am using creative sbs a300 2.1 speaker.when i play some songs in it,the bass don't work correctly it just produces some "tuk tuk" sound thats all.when i remove the jack from the cabinet and reinsert it then it works correctly for some time and again the same problem and it always behaves...
  15. vikramkh

    suggest speakers within 1500 for laptop

    i am confused with two creative or altec as both seem to be good so please help, thinking of sbs 370 or inspire t3100
  16. A

    Is creative sbs a300 good for 1080 cub. ft. room ?

    Is creative sbs a300 or logitech R-20 good for 1080 cub. ft. room ? I have decided to buy creative sbs a300 2.1 speakers. My room is about 1080 cubic feet. I'm not a bass freak. However, I would like to hear some decent music. The satellite speakers are rated at 5 watts rms per channel and the...
  17. johnjjx

    Sbs 580 5.1 n 256 x 2 ddr400 ram

    Selin creative 5.1 sbs 580 fr 1.5k;-) Rams 256 x 2 ddr400 simmtronics. No wrnty lft. Workin fine 0.5k + shipping.
  18. johnjjx

    creative sbs 580 5.1 speakers fr 1.5k

    sellin creative sbs 580 5.1 speakers around 1yr old reason for sale: dun use it much. p.s the line in(green) got loose so changed it..working flawless. canb modest for gamin n movies. price 1.5k + shipping.
  19. saqib_khan

    Which 2.0 speaker is best from these two?

    Hi , I want to ask u which of these 2 speakers are best according to sound quality & performance:- a) Logitech R-10 speakers OR b) Creative SBS 245 And please suggest from only these two. I want only a 2.0 speaker system. Thanx in advance. :)
  20. r2d2

    altec lansing 121i or creative sbs 370

    altec lansing 121i or creative sbs 370? which one is better? i know there are better speakers but for now please suggest between these two only.
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