Shocking !!! Motorola Sales Unit Closed in India

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Mobile phone maker Motorola has decided to close down its distribution division in India, owing to tumbling sales and aggressive competition. Distribution activities are now likely to be carried out from its Singapore offices.

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It is really shocking. Right now in Delhi many retailers are already out of stock for Motorola sets. What a Misfortune for a company like Moto.


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Motorola is the most innovative company around. They made flip hones popular. They made Music Popular.They made Touch screen phones within reach. Never shy of experiments. Moto Rocks and will rock forever and kick ass of buggy shits Nokia is offering.


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Motorola hardware is awesome like Razr V3 & V8, old Motorola E398 etc but there software sux big time. They did a big mistake by going with Linux based OS Moto Magix with no support for 3rd party applications & no good Desktop counterpart software.

Now that they are going to use Android, I hope to see some good OS & UI designs from them.


well their cell phones divison has been in the dumps for a while ... they even lost ground in USA (which was moto's biggest market) ... they were dethroned from the no1 position in the usa by samsung in 07 ... and this was coming ... i wont be surprised if they sell off their handset divison aitogether ... and that comment bout "buggy" nokia ... cmon , moto have produced the most screwed up handsets wid some really shoddy user interface ... well their music was good , but cmon , its of no use widout a decent user interface ..


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^^ After nokia...its a war b/w SE n Moto for second largest share of cell in market...jus donno recent statistics...but i guess se is at no2 in cell market share


I always hated moto phones...the interface sucks and the keypad sucks too...I never understand how people are comfortable with such hard keys.

i feel that although they had some good ideas under the belt, the way they executed it was wrong...and probably not many indian customers liked it...


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not surprised.........!!
i knew this will happen someday.....!!!

Whenever i think abt a cellphone only Nokia and SE comes to my mind........
ya samsung is okk.......
but what u get from nokia beats every one....... from 3rd party apps to music, camera etc etc.....good platform........
SE is best for music.....

So +1 to nokia.......:D:D


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Hey what abt if some new company like Lenevo or Nvidia take over Motorola...Nvidia have already prepared some good hardware for mobile I guess...or even Google want there own mobile company....Moto should get in collaboration with some good company...

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Talking abt linux os(montavista) i found it most stable os(no virus or hanging prob.)
and yes customizable too.


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Sad news. But Moto has no one but themselves to blame. They got so obsessed with the success of their Razr that they stopped looking into deeper corners.
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