1. quicky008

    What AC input voltage range can be considered safe for a pc?

    In India the voltage of the mains power usually ranges from 200-240V(under normal circumstances) and most computers today(especially devices like PSU,monitors etc) are rated to work well when the input voltage is within 200-230 Volts.In cities the mains voltage is generally found to be within...
  2. B

    Windows xp crash reasons

    Hi Guys, We have a pc at home. We are using XP SP3 in it from the past many years. From the past couple of months it is crashing/getting bugged after a month or two. Say we shut the pc down properly and the next day when we start it, it will have a black screen which says start windows...
  3. meetdilip

    TubeMate, is it safe

    I have avoided installing TubeMate on my phone since it is not from Play Store. Wondering how safe it is. Any ideas ?
  4. C

    Are my Pc Temps safe?

    Pc config:- intel xeon e3 1246-v3 gigabyte b85 d3h-A CM 311 elite with only 1 stock fan (120mm rear) stock intel cooler hyper x fury 8gb antec vp 500pc Hi everyone last month i had build my system but now i have doubt regarding temps is my pc temps are safe i have done prime 95 tests Pc...
  5. D

    Laptop charger query.

    My asus k53 charger has gone kaput and I am advised against repairing it. Now the original charger comes at 3k while the indian branded at 1k. Both have 1 year warranty. Is it safe to go with indian one. Will there be any performance issues in terms of gaming?
  6. C

    Is paytm safe for buying headphones?

    I have seen complaints in forums about the fraudulent behavior of paytm over the orders. Is it safe to buy headphones from paytm??
  7. G

    How to buy a legal copy of Windows 8.1?

    I don't want to be saddled with a fake or oem version of Windows 8.1 . Where exactly can I buy a legal copy in Delhi? Or will it be safe to buy it online? An engineer friend of mine recommended this site - - Is it safe? I can download a legal iso image and activate with the...
  8. Niilesh

    Windows won't boot after bsod

    The problem I see the manufacturer logo then it gets stuck on a black screen. what happened i was watching a movie then suddenly i got a bsod after my laptop just won't boot. I am 90% sure bsod was BSOD - Driver Power State Failure i have tried Booting into safe mode - doesnt...
  9. masterkd

    Query on purchasing Lenovo G50-45 80E300RGIN from Snapdeal

    My brother needs a laptop as soon as possible and his budget is Rs. 30000. I found this perfect model Lenovo G50-45 80E300RGIN which suits his needs and budget. Sadly this is out of stock in Flipkart. I have purchased laptops from Flipkart before and feels safe about it. However I have never...
  10. iittopper

    xbox 360 controller OEM

    Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller Remote FOR Xbox 360 AND PC OEM Controller | eBay Are these Xbox controller feels same as original one . Have anyone bought it ? Is it safe to get this OEM version of the controller?
  11. bajaj151

    Is it safe to provide ID proof?

    Nowadays, courier company asking ID proof (Take the pic) at the time of delivery. Is this safe?
  12. Subhankar Mondal

    How to restore photos from keep safe in my android mobile ?

    I installed and used keep safe in my android but I forgot the email id and password which I used in keep safe . How can I restore photos now ?
  13. masterkd

    Query on Diablo 3 purchase

    I like to purchase Diablo 3 however Blizzard kept is dart expensive. So just want to know if it is safe to purchase from below sites. AllKeyShop OffGamres CDKeysHere
  14. A

    freeware which confirms to me that my email sent to someone has been seen by that person

    please suggest for gmail and somewhere about STREAK -is it safe
  15. A

    Help me in choosing a room heater

    Hi digitans, I am looking to buy a room heater in budget range. I don't need very powerful heater, a moderate one is enough. For rainy nights and on winter. As this is my first buy and my budget is in the lower end I wish to buy it @ around 2K, the lower the better. My concerns,1) what are...
  16. A

    bios update

    dear friends, i want to update my mobo's bios but i am not expert. recently i installed a software "biosagentplus" it scanned my my pc for latest drivers. it is showing that bios update is available for my pc. can i use this soft to update my bios. is it safe? would this be able to...
  17. sujoyp

    PG needed around Vikroli mumbai

    Hi guys, I am shifting to mumbai as I got a job in Capgemini Vikhroli office. I need a good PG around that place...need PG in 3-4 KM circle around office. I am bit scared to get direct PG from broker since I have soo many gadgets cameras and other costly items with me. I want a safe PG...
  18. Adibaba

    Which brainwavz

    Hey guys wanting to buy brainwavz R1 or M1, suggest me which one .I mostly listen to rock music ,jazz and some EDM. AND is it safe to buy from mp4nation. Any help is much appreciated. Regards
  19. F

    Seller Query * is it Safe

    HI, I am planning to buy a Graphic Tablet and stumbled on this website, any1 know if its safe?????
  20. V

    Is it safe to charge mobile by connicting it to a tv

    hi, I was thinking of connecting my mobile to my Samsung LCD TV for charging and I tried it and it works is it safe to charge mobile by connecting it to tv usb slot I think it is safe because it a usb and it just a 5 volt dc current :lol:
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