Laptop charger query.


My asus k53 charger has gone kaput and I am advised against repairing it. Now the original charger comes at 3k while the indian branded at 1k. Both have 1 year warranty.
Is it safe to go with indian one. Will there be any performance issues in terms of gaming?
I'll tell you my experience.

I bought a local made charger for 600 with 6 months warranty. It worked fine for 8 months, then gone.
So now I bought an original charger at 2k, with 2 years warranty. Its working fine for 5-6 months now.

My friend bought a local made one for 1k, which lasted for almost 10 months

Both the local chargers went kaput after getting heated up too much

I'll say, buy original one.


Thanks for your advice. I will be looking for a good deal for original one.

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Due to unavailability of og i repaired the adapter by fixing the short in wire. Is it safe to use temporarily?
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