1. mati17

    Rooted Mobile

    Dear Forum, I want to purchase a new mobile. But i want a company rooted mobile. Is there any available ??? Thanks, Matin
  2. D

    Download files larger than 4gb?

    Is there any way i can download to ext card.. My phone is i9500 rooted.
  3. Subhankar Mondal

    Apps supported in my rooted Xperia ray

    I have rooted my Xperia ray. Which facilities can I get now ? And which apps can I install now ?
  4. A

    I have just rooted my phone.What should i do now?

    I have rooted My Xperia E C 1504 by Using Kingo Root.I want to know what should i do now.Which apps should i install and how to increase ram and how to increase cpu performance.And how to make my device safe from any virus.
  5. M

    finding firmware version of rooted samsung S2 GT 19100

    how to find the firmware version of a rooted samsung s2 GT 19100? actually,I want to unroot the phone.
  6. vijju6091

    How to take screen shot in xolo Q 1000 opus

    Guys as the title suggest please let me know. device is not rooted
  7. S

    Which app you use to record calls on Android?

    My friend has a cheap mobile with proprietary operating system. He record voice calls (incoming and outgoing) flawlessly, and without any app. But I have Android 4.1.2 and I can't do :cry: I have looked up on Play Store for call recording apps but it's very distracting which app to use. I...
  8. $hadow

    rooting galaxy s3

    Has any one rooted his galaxy s3. I want to root mine but had no idea about it can any one help me out regarding which rom to use and steps regarding root.
  9. R

    my rooted android moblie battery performance very poor

    Dear friends, I am recently purchased Z930 7" tablet and rooted to new ver android 4.1.1 from 4.0.4 ice cream sandwich, either earlier or later my battery performance is very bad even it comes only 25 minutes where as the tablet is new one and having Lithium-Ion 3600 mAh. i have tried with...
  10. kool

    ►► Is it possible to restore all apps/games with saved data/settings after format ANDROID ?

    Hi guys.. I've Micromax A100 (ICS) in which stock camera problem is inverted/upside down image,:evil::evil: so i want to give to service center for this problem. But i've installed 80+ apps and games. So is it possible that after resetting/format we can re-install those apps with saved data...
  11. S

    Help with ProxyDroid

    I want to use wifi network in my hostel on my LG P500.But it cannot be accessed without proxy settings. so, i downloades ProxyDroid on my phone but I dont know how to configure it. please help. PS: I know the proxy address and port. My device is rooted. CM7
  12. R

    [For Sale] Motorola Droid X

    Selling it on behalf of a friend. Fully working on Reliance. Has no scratches. Rooted and on a custom ROM. Lots of custom GB and ICS roms available Expected price: 9k
  13. A

    rooted & deleted lg home. Now i cant recover plz help...

    i have lg optimus me p350, i rooted it 2 days back and accedently deleted lg home, which it default launcher, so now i didnt have any desktop. then i hard-rest it by applying key combination, hoping of making it like new, but didnt work, it became new but without desktop... i had tried...
  14. ajayashish

    Rooting Galaxy S2

    Hi, I want to root my device and want to know some thing before I do. 1. When I root, will all my data be lost. I know I need to take a backup, but will all the contact and SMS will be deleted 2. After rooting will i be able to revert to factory setting in case I have to go to service...
  15. coderunknown

    [FAQ] Android Customization: Tips and Tricks

    AIM: Whenever a new user tries to root his mobile or flash a custom rom, he ends up with a lot of doubt and query but without any answer. There are guides but those only show you the way to do certain things but won't explain you why that step is required. New users not only need guide but...
  16. Romonster

    Some questions regarding HTC wildfire s & S-off

    I was going to buy Wildfire S for my sis. But today when I read its rooting guide I found out that it can not be rooted normally (I need to buy some xtc clipper to s-off :shock:) So there isn't any other way to root it? If it can not be rooted then how is its stock performance? Does it lag...
  17. M


    how to install applications on sd card on my rooted galaxy ace(2.3.3)
  18. noja

    phone not rooting (p500 v10b)

    I installed z4 root, selected temporary root, the thing went on for like 15 minutes and after that said "phone is rooted till next reboot" ; I tried set cpu, it said phone not rooted. wth?
  19. P

    Spice MI-310 ROOTED

    Spice MI-310 its a entry level droid 2.2 device. I have finally rooted the Spice MI-310 by using z4root 1.3.0 Link2SD is also working porperly after making a ext2 partition on SD. I am currently searching for compitible recovery image for it.:twisted:
  20. bharathbala2003

    Your Android Desktop

    This is in line with usual android sites where people share their desktop.. if you are using a non rooted phone , use screenshot it trial which gives you only 5 shots :( if you are rooted u have few more free options which work like a charm..
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