1. S

    broadband router

    I am using MTNL broadband with Dlink ADSL 2640U Router. I have placed the same in my bedroom, I am not getting signal in my leaving room. I want to connect internet to my TV through cable & other devices through wifi. I dont want to connect existing modem (Dlink ADSL 2640U) & new modem in my...
  2. am·nesiac

    Is it possible to find in which room a user is logged into?

    Is it possible to find in which room an user is logged into? i am using yahoo messenger. thanks! note : ( i just want to find out in which room my buddy is currently in)
  3. S

    Speakers for dorm room

    I want to buy speakers for my dorm room. Preferably under a grand, and easy to carry. Prefer quality sound reproduction to loudness. Will buy it online only. Any recommendations?
  4. J

    About LED TV= myth or fact?

    Hi, Is it true that LED tv s emit very bright light and it is uncomfortable in bed room during night times? Is this a valid justification to prefer LCD over LED? Thank s.
  5. T

    Improve range of WIFI router..

    I currently have a Belkin N150 ADSL2+ wifi router cum modem.. and the range is pretty bad.. Got a 3 bed room apartment and with the modem located in one room, don't get any range in my third room.. How do I improve the range? Any solutions? Is it possible to connect one more router to the...
  6. H

    Dell XPS 15 L502X Wi Fi Problem

    I purchased a Dell XPS 15 L502X 1 month ago.I am having problem with its wi-fi.I study at Thapar University, and the hostel in which I live provides Wi-Fi facility.I have attached an image below.The problem is that the connection speed the hostel provides is 54 Mbps.But in my laptop it keeps on...
  7. Y

    2 Networks 2 Isps -How to connect for LAN

    We have hathway internet connection in one room and in second floor room (Friends) is reliance. We want to connect through LAN for our working needs. We already have cable line from 1st floor to second floor. I need some geek support. Can any one solve my problem. I am not great networking...
  8. A

    LED monitor with VESA mount

    Guys my new room is ready & paint work is going on , i want a - 1. 22-23" led monitor 2. HDMI 3. VESA mount to hang it & make the room look good @ 15k. Plz suggest something. Is anyboay there ?
  9. NewsBytes

    Computex 2011: A sneek peak into ZOTAC ZBOX's successors

    Computex 2011: A sneek peak into ZOTAC ZBOX\'s successors As always at Computex, exhibitor's booths have this secret back room where only a few are invited. Yes, we're talking about the "NDA room" where products that the company does not yet wish to reveal are showcased to a select few members...
  10. A

    Gameranger wierd problem

    i tried to play fifa 11 on gameranger with my frnd who was connected to me through phone 2. . He joined my room on game ranger and game ran successfully. I created the game room and on his pc my room was visible. i waited for few seconds and he joined me and the game started. But at that...
  11. S

    Cables for 5.1 channel speakers

    Hello, I bought a Creative T6100 today. But my room is liitle big and i cant get the cables reach the rear of the room (Rear Left & Right speakers). Is there is any way i can increase the length, by connecting extra jack or something like it. A liitle advice on this matter will be of great...
  12. N

    need help buying a TV within 55k

    hi everybody i am new to this forum need help in buying a tv. My budget is upto Rs 55k. one of my greatest criteria is that it should have connectivity options with my Bose Acoustimass 5 Series III 2.1-CH speaker sys. The length of my living room is about 6m. other requirements include full...
  13. ithehappy

    Suggest me an Air Conditioner

    As the title says, suggest me the best one. My budget is 25-26K, could be increased a bit. This is needed for my room, which is 14x11 ft. I checked LG website and found 1T is enough for this room. I already considered Hitachi, Whirlpool AC's, but I need the best. and also should I go for Split...
  14. N

    Suggest a Wireless N-Router

    Hi folks I have a cable net connection(also having BSNL BB) and cable net wire is in living room. I am shifting PC in bedroom and cant have cable moved to bedroom. Can any one suggest me a good wi-fi routers and approx price ? Also should i go for N-Router or a regular 54 mbps speed wala...
  15. N

    wifi modem or what? Please help

    I plan to get a new broadband connection of MTNL in delhi. Should I go for wifi modem or should I take the modem supplied by MTNL. I'm using laptop in a single room. My budget is upto 3000. Please suggest an wifi modem at this range. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  16. V

    Dust Buster !!!

    Hardly 1 week into the build ... These Freakin dust particles are all started building there homes in my machine !!! Arghhh !!! :evil: :pullhair: We don`t live in a dust free country nor my room is a DUST PROOF INTEL RESEARCH LAB !!! There is going to be dust ... The outer case always seems...
  17. N

    Building a wireless music system

    hello friends, Help me build a wireless music systems were a Pc will be used as a media server and wherein a cd player player in each room can be connected to a wireless adapter and the music can be played in each room individually. Regds Neelesh s
  18. clmlbx

    gpu @ 64 degrees C

    Hey guys My GPU at Idle is 64 degrees C... How bad is it ? At full load It went to 90 degrees C... Is it normal Or do I need To do something ? About My room temperature, Yes it is Hot here.. My room Temperature would be around 30-35 degrees C.. .. In caby it has only 1 fan that...
  19. rahul.007

    Overclocking phenom ii*4 955....

    Hey guys, seeing so many people tweaking their cpus, i am thinking of overclocking my 1 month old proccy and gpu(msi-790gx).... but the problem is i dont have an oem hsf and nor do i have the required VITAMINE-M to get a good one like cooler master hyper n520(i recently brought nokia 5230 with...
  20. N

    Yahoo massenger freezes computer

    Hi, After entering captcha i m in chat room and then immediately my LT freezes for more than two min.and there after only chat room and computer starts.I suspect this a serious problem.I m using Yahoo massenger 10. IS THERE ANYBODY THERE ! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ System:compact...
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