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c programming book

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hi guys :lol:

iam new to c programming and only 2 months are left for my exams i want to a nerd in c can anybody suggest me a hard copy of any book for beginner to advance level

plz help thanks in advance :roll: :roll:


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There is only one book that u need to read, 'The C Programming Language' by Kernighan and Richie. Its THE BEST book that is ever written on C language, easily understandable , precise & to the point, and cheap too. Read it and u won't need anything else to master the language. This book is for both beginner and advanced.


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Yaar, if you want, then you can refer Sumit Arora or G.S.Baluja or Schaum's Series books.
Please do aldo look out for
Sams Publications and Roger also!
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