FS: 61 key midi Roll *p piano

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Hey all,
Currently selling on amazon at $129 + shipping
link ---> Amazon.com: ROll Up Piano - Yamano Hand ROll Piano - Digital & Portable 61 Keys Roll-Up Piano Electronic MIDI Keyboard with 16 MIDI Output Channels Design by the INVENTOR YAMANO JAPAN - (The ONLY brand Voted as one of "THE MOST AMAZING INVENTIONS" by
selling my less than week old midi roll up piano ordered thru US (amazon)
the piano was opened just to check if its working ....
1) Keyboard: 61 standard keys (5 octachord)
2) Tone: 128 tones are available (001 ~ 128 tone control)
3) Rhythm: 100 accompaniments available (001 ~ 100 rhythm accompaniment)
4) 20 demo songs
5) Vibrato function
6) Digital display: the tones and rhythms of the roller piano are displayed
7) Inner connection of amplifier: earphone / amplifier (home theater) can be connected externally
8 )Power supply: with power saving design, built-in 4 AA batteries (can be played continuously for 15 hours), available for outer connection of power
9) Foldable, easy to carry
10) Control box size: 10.2 (W) x 18.4 (H) x 3.3 (D)cm
11) Keyboard: 88.5 (W) x 17.5 (H) x 0.4 (D)cm
12) Midi out: 16 output channel
13) Adapter included (batteries not)
Reason for sale : getting my new keyboard control surface soon :D
PRICE : Rs 5800/- shipped

under US local warranty will help the buyer claim it if required :)
interested ppl may PM or POST ... the piano is in 10/10 condition like shown in the pics below ... but i will add the actual pics later if required ...
some youtube videos to go with it :)
YouTube - Roll up Keyboard (music)
YouTube - Adam on the Roll Up Piano

Actual pics:

Thanks for looking,
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Re: FS: 61 key midi Roll up piano

Price drop!

No Music Lovers Here ??

Cmon Guys Show Some Interest :)
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