1. T

    Which handset to buy under 6.5K?

    I did a li'l bit research and liked Nokia 5130xm, Samsung Corby TXT and Moto Rokr E8( Supernova is also fine but my brother hav it already, and I didn't like the 6303 of Nokia. Please suggest me from these three which I have selected! Ranking according to me...
  2. A

    Rokr e6 for sale!!!

    i've gotta rokr e6 for sale.almost 2yrs button broken, bt stil works.keypad got scratches.completely modded. PRICE NEGOTIABLE REASON: WANT TO BUY SOME OTHER HANDSET. PREFERABLY htc.looking for used phones... if any1 interested plz cntct MOD Edit: Read the guidelines below and post...
  3. sandeepkochhar

    Moto U9..Dirt Cheap Man

    Guys I have got a deal at Croma..Getting Moto Rokr U9 for just Rs 5500/-..I think I should go for it..Guys suggest..
  4. dhawald

    Help with Moto Rokr E8

    Hi guys, I am planning to buy the Moto Rokr E8, available for 8.5k in Delhi. primarily buying it for the music. can I use the player functions with the music stored in the microsd card like adding to playlist and sorting by artist and album, just the way it is done with the music stored in...
  5. G

    Call Recorder For Rokr E6 Mobile

    Hello, To all of you. Some one is searching a good call recorder for MOTOROLA ROKR E6 mobile.Can anyone provide the link of this software? Thank You
  6. N

    Moto Rokr E6

    I m getting Moto rokr e6 1yr old for 4.5 is it right price?? wid 1 GB card??
  7. O

    Three phones that changed the world, and three phones that didn't

    The three most influential phones in the past 5 years Motorola RAZR V3 Nokia N95 Apple iPhone ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ..and the three most disappointing phones Motorola ROKR E1 Nokia 7700...
  8. aswinandaswin

    Which is best [HTC 3400 and Moto Rokr E6] ? Pls Help !

    I had chosen HTC 3400 and Moto Rokr E6 to buy. Im in great confusion between these. Which 1 to buy. Pls suggest me
  9. krates

    ROKR E8 vs I450 vs 5320 vs w890i

    Help me choose buying the phone in first week of september i am more into rokr e8.. :D Still 5320 and I450 and W890i got more features then it !@! help me out guyz !@!
  10. T

    How is the Moto rokr E8?

    hey can anyone tell me how's moto rokr E8???
  11. P

    FS : Motorola Rokr E6

    I am selling my 1 month old rokr e6 for is gud as new ....will give all da acessories dat r bundled with it... reason for sale is got HTC Tytn II not using this nymore...
  12. User Name

    Should I go for rokr E6?

    i want cheap but max screen size phone. touch screen or key pad. speaker quality doesn't matter but music quality should be good in earphone/earbud(whatever it is) camera 2mp okey Actually i want it for internet browsing and document reading phone. budget is max 11k.and can not be...
  13. rohan_mhtr

    Nokia 5700 or moto rokr e6 or nokia n91 ??

    HI friends, I am going 2 buy a new cell within a few days so i need all your help.I want a phone with good music quality.Cam quality is not important.Also symbian phones are preferred since i can install a wide range of applications.I have shortlisted few phone 5700 and moto rokr e6.both of them...
  14. esumitkumar

    echo sound prb in ROKR E6 help !

    My new Moto ROKR E6 is working fine . But when somebody calls me they hear their own echo voice for 1 minute (frnds calling from Airtel and BSNL networks) and then its fine . My network is IDEA there any prob in phone or n/w ? Shud i upgrade its firmware...? plz help thanks Sumit
  15. J

    Rokr E6 , SEk790i or Nokia 5700 which one to buy

    I have gone through lot of forum and a number of threads in this forum but i am still confused about which phone to buy I have narrowed down my choices to these three : 1. Motorola ROKR E6 2. SE K790i 3. Nokia 5700 Listening music and watching videos would be my first priority...
  16. we4net

    Moto ROKR E6

    Hi friends i am planning to Buy a Moto ROKR E6. Please help me with your Suggestions. THANKS IN ADVANCE.
  17. H

    Motorola leaks 8mpx phone of 2008

    Motorola had a presentation in Amsterdam, showing-off it’s new phone line-up for Christmas. However the new display of the new line-up for this year was not enough to excite the public, so Motorola decided to reveal their new mobile phone strategy and even provided a glimpse into it’s new...
  18. the great one

    Moto Rokr E6

    Well i should tell u i am eyeing Moto Rokr E6. Any body using the phone plz tell me not the reviews from any tech site plz , i want exact info plz. Also battery backup. Anybody knows abt its camera can it function as a webcam also wen connected 2 a pc. Also sum body has told me dat there...
  19. azzu

    Bluetooth Eyewear

    Music, technology and apparel seem to be like the three Stooges these days – they don't seem to be a well-adjusted trio, but they work just fine to bring you the best in entertainment. One of the gizmos I've been waiting to get my hands (and eyes and ears) on for a while now are the O ROKR...
  20. K

    Urgent !! Screen guard for ROKR E6 in Delhi . WHERE ?

    Hi everyone . I am leaving for Delhi tomorrow and wud be staying there for 2 days . Where can i buy screen guard and a crystal case for ROKR E6 in Delhi . Please reply ..... Or any mobile market where i can find such stuff ??????? ANYONE ....
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