1. P

    Converge Vr Headset

    Converge | Virtual Reality Headset for Your Smartphone I came across this a few days ago,its an upgraded version of google Cardboard Designed with Oculus rift like design. Adjustable lenses,solid build,really wide field of view are what you can expect and biggest FACT its made by an indian...
  2. V

    Very Important. MSI/Sapphire/XFX

    There are so many sub-categories in ATI Radeon and nVidia. Which one out of them is good? Some say XFX, include my dealer, say it rocks, whereas, others say it sucks.. They're on opposite sides. my dealer says sapphire sucks and xfx rocks, where the rest of the world, vice-versa. Someone...
  3. lll_aritra_lll

    IEM for my Defy

    :???:Posted it in audio section, but no one replied.. so posting it here.. hope willg et some attention.. :!: Hey guys... I am searching a lot in net, and getting different kind of reviews in different sites.. I hear different genre of musics.. mostly soft rocks, country and pop.. and some...
  4. amitabhishek

    Opera Mobile 10 Beta now available.

    * Download and post your reviews.To what I have seen so freakin rocks....:-)
  5. damngoodman999

    CRYSIS 2 - CRYENGINE 3 Video for Ps3,Xbox360

    *;jsessionid=55dmrf7hbew2 PC rocks !!:mrgreen:
  6. P

    Phenom 2 -Upgrade Completed

    Hi All, I am one of those greedy guys who never got satisfied with the performance that i was able to get out of my PC. I moved from a AMD 4400+ to a AMD 7750 BE and then now to a AMD Phenom 2- X4 920. I cant be more satisfied than i am now. The PC rocks in every angle looked at. So...
  7. Gigacore

    Co-Education, must or not?

    Well my friend was arguing as the Co-Education sucks coz he is studying in boys college :rolleyes: I was all for Co-Education. So thought bring this discussion here in this forum. What I feel is co-education rocks. We'll not just have fun, but competition will develop as well. So everyone...
  8. Rockstar11

    Easter egg found in GigaSmilies

    Hey Guys! check this out... Kuch mil gaya! Open GigaSmilies v1.2., and then open "About" then just click on the area where i marked with a yellow oval, right next to "Keep Smiling" in the screenshot below... and there you go, an easter egg! i have informed us about this...
  9. Who

    Team Fortress 2

    I have seen that COD 4 thread, people there are saying it has the best multiplayer, well i disagree i say TF 2 owns all so i am making this TF 2 offical disscusion thread, discuss anything related to TF 2 , from gameplay tips to server of your own , boy this game rocks , let's make an indian...
  10. a_k_s_h_a_y

    Ubuntu Finally !!

    I installed UBUNTU 7.10 on My PC and It Rocks !! :) This is my First Post From UBUNTU ! It plays Music and has Firefox and now what i need is A C++ IDE !! Of Course It is a big Deal It took 1.5 hours to install it on my system from 7:45 to 9:15 .. i used the ubuntu alternate CD I have 192...
  11. hellknight

    Another reason that LInux rocks!!

    My 250 GB Seagate hard disk crashed recently. All data gone. Now i'm using the Linux Mint DVD that shipped with DIGIT to run the system. I connected my iPod to it and everything's working fine. The only matter of concern is that i've to reactivate broadband again and again after rebooting. But...
  12. N

    Microsoft OR Linux

    Which is the best operatin system and why ! I think Linux was the best but after the realease of vista i should change mi mind vista rocks .
  13. Gigacore

    Do u think Linux is an Alternative OS?

    As said in the title do u think that linux is a Alternative OS?? i say no to it...... coz Ubuntu Rocks........ P4 will run like Core2Duo amigo....
  14. ~Phenom~

    Distros talk

    Re: Eric Raymond(catb fame) Knocks Fedora, Switches to Ubuntu All I wanna say is Ubuntu Rocks. Moved from ESR thread - mehul
  15. J

    se k750i vs nokia 6280....

    which one is better.. cons of se 750i 1 small display screen 2 video not clear 3 no symbian 4 no resale value 5 no 3g cons of 6280 1 little bulky 2 pic quality not that good(but video rocks!) 3 dunno about mp3....stereo or mono?? please help me to choose :| also consider n72 but...
  16. S

    Which phone suits ME ???

    friendz, i planned to buy a new mobile around 10000 + 2000 , its my budget. I need the following: * Good looking style * having mp3 at high volume rocks * a good cam * bluetooth & IR capability * memory expansion * a very clear screen * nice image quality please...
  17. J

    doom3 sux half life 2 rocks

    doom3 sux becoz of gameplay value.monsters ,zombies and dirty creatures almost give my 160 kg uncle heart attack.but rocks in uncle is recovering but still want to end the game.the last dragon nearly takes 1 hour to kill. :D
  18. A

    Which combination of Antivirus,AntiSpyware do u use???

    Dear friends, I prefer Trend micro Internet security 2006 and Microsoft Antispyware I think this combination Rocks i have had no problems since Then(installation) Which combination do u prefer??
  19. S

    winamp or wmp or realplayer? which do you like?

    well the topic says it all. :D [Edited Batty]Phew .. I rocks .. :D .. Now people ..come on and vote for Foobar .. :P
  20. S

    Everything on the SONY PSP

    PSP ROCKS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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