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  1. bajaj151

    Alternative to healthkart

    I always buy whey from healthkart.com Nowadays price is bit high on healthkart, therefore I am planning to buy from Paradise Nutrition Inc.- Online Ultimate Nutrition Store (Only retailer in India AFAIK) Has anyone dealt with them?
  2. sling-shot

    Newegg to launch in India

    Online retailer Newegg to expand to six more countries by end of June ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Consumers from India, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland and Singapore will soon be able to purchase PC components and parts from the site...
  3. D

    Data Cable for S3

    Data Cable(which i only use for charging) of my S3 is dead now. Probably many other samsung's *cheap* quality mobile owners would have faced the same problem. :P So someone who's using some other cable for s3/note2/note/note3/s4 or for any other phone suggest me which one should i buy from...
  4. GhorMaanas

    Logitech MX518 (Old)

    Hello everyone! i wanted to buy the old Logitech MX518 mouse, preferably unused. is there any online retailer which still has a stock of it? please let me know. thanks!
  5. dan4u

    Suggestions to buy a SSD for 8-9k

    I want to buy a 120/128GB SSD to upgrade my laptop, my budget is around 8-9k. I'm new to SSD's, so I'm not sure which one to get. also could anyone point out a reliable online retailer, I found out Onlyssd, which has the most number of choices and reasonable pricing. has anyone used this site...
  6. summers

    Service Query of Online Retailer.

    Checkout the following link : Where to buy Laptops Computers and Components @ All India Lowest Prices @ iTerials Has anyone purchased computer components from this online retailer..?? If so, what about its genuiness, service etc..?? :-?
  7. K

    How to buy a dell laptop??

    I have decided to buy a dell laptop which costs around 35k.. but still in confusion, how to buy it!! By online will takes 15 days to receive my product.. if i go to an authorised retailer, i will get it on that day itself but i heard they will charge additional 4k rupees (a lap costing 35k via...
  8. rhitwick

    Where to buy 3D goggles in India

    Yes that is the question..."Where to buy 3D goggles in India" Any retailer or website??
  9. R

    WARNING DELL Customers

    An advice from me to DELL customers.if your planing to buy a monitor i really advice you to buy from a Dell store or online from their website,because replacement procedure gets really complicated if you have bought it from a retailer. I'm telling you this out of my own experience.
  10. Stalker

    5.1 surround headphones

    Hi guys I've shortlisted two 5.1 headsets. Zalman ZM- RS6F http://www.zalman.co.kr/ENG/product/Product_Read.asp?idx=213 Gainward SoundXplosion 5.1 Are these headsets available in India? How are they priced? Does anydody in the forum have either of them? A...
  11. ComputerUser

    Gigabyte's BBSR address

    Need Gigabyte's retailer address for Bhubaneswar.:(
  12. CadCrazy

    wana purchase antivirus (Kaspersky or Bit Defender)

    I want to purchase antivirus, shortlisted bitdefender and kaspersky.Which one is the the best among two.Also should i buy it online or through retailer. Where to get in Nehru Place(give me address if possible)
  13. I

    Big Problem(Urgent)

    hi guys i have n6630 and im having problem because i want t o play midtown madness on it the game requirs much memory.so i decided to restart the device and when i restarted it gave a error phone startup failed.contact the retailer. plz dont reply that contact the retailer bcoz i want to...
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