1. A

    Spectranet Review East Delhi

    i am using spectranet 20 mbps unlimited for 1249 rs +Taxes 1. It is not for Torrent Users.u will not get good speed(20 mpbs) in torrents spectranet does not support it (it has not mentioned anything Regarding this on their websites) 2.some time it disconnect (mainly in nights)...
  2. R

    Python AUto LOGIn for broadband tikona ---invalid syntax

    I got this syntax for Tikona broadband autologin , i am using airwire so i changed the URL and i am trying to run in Raspberry Pi with python installed but i am getting error Orginal thread where source code posted, but owner has not posted in thread for long time #!/usr/bin/env python...
  3. D

    Gaming / Movie Monitor in 22"

    Please suggest a monitor for Gaming, movies and browsing. Since my current monitor i Samsung with 2ms response time, I am looking for 2ms or better if possible within 10k.
  4. N

    NFS game not opening.

    I have NFS most wanted game (not original) .whenever I click on launch icon nothing appears.I have clicked many times but no response. I have also tried win8 trouble shooting .but no use plz help..
  5. R

    issue while connecting to internet

    Hi frndzz, When I click on connect in windows 7, the connection window that appears displaying the login credentials is too slow and on clicking connect the response is too slow and after five minutes it fails to connect to ISP and drops with an error 619. Other functionality of the lappy is...
  6. sujeet2555

    Error:No response from wifi Ap

    i purchase TP-link TL-WN721N to share BSNL BB (not a wifi modem) to my mobile . i am a newbie to Wifi .i installed the drivers and the tplink utility .i checked SoftAP on button in the has the following settings; in mobile when searched it show the AP and i set the same setting in...
  7. emailvarunchandak

    Best and Cheapest VPS Hosting

    Hey guys... i want to buy a cheap VPS hosting with custom OS which must be decent in performance and fast in response. Please tell me some of the dealers in India and/or Abroad...!!
  8. ramakanta


    Please help me , I can't open of e-books having .chm extension . when ever I want to double click on this file , there is no response . :-(
  9. J

    Is this mouse good enough

    Hello I want to purchase a new mouse (mainly for gaming). I want it to be- Wireless Good Looking Good response time Fine range My budget is around 1000rupees. I currently liked "Circle Rover Wireless Mouse" -...
  10. RON28

    which monitor to purchase for 15k?

    My friends wants to buy a new monitor, his budget is 15k and needs a good monitor which looks slim and sexy :) he says he needs a monitor with low RESPONSE RATE, and whats the difference between VA and IPS monitors?
  11. V

    Multimonitors!! help!

    So i decided to get a desktop instead of spending 1.9 lakh on an alienware laptop.I finalized on a rig with an i7,gtx 690 or 680 and other components which are good enough to run nvidia surround.The thing is that I don't know what brand or model to buy.I just checked out the monitor list and...
  12. B

    need advise

    it is the response of mdcomputers: RESPONSE: Western digital WD10EZEX 1TB HDD is out of stock PSU: Corsair CX500V2UK is SKU of CX500 Motherboard: Gigabyte H77-DS3H is out of stock CORSAIR GS 500 is END OF LIFE. i5 3550k is 250Rs higher than 3550. what do you guys say? should i buy that...
  13. G

    led gaming monitor confusion

    guys i am searching for a led monitor:lol: in 22 or 23 inches ....i was seeing dell st 2220 l and samsung s23a350h both have good response time and i want to know which is best for gaming .....and i was also googling and find that some guys were also suggesting to go for dell ultrasharp u...
  14. B

    Decent monitor for Gaming

    I have recently brought an xbox 360 and am currently using an old tv for gaming and am going to pgrade to a better monitor.Desired Specifications:- Size:-24" Resolution:-1920x1080 Response Time:-2ms Inputs(at least):-HDMI port Regards
  15. rajsujayks

    Accessing VRAM of Graphic Card

    I posted this question already in the Programming section, but couldn't get a proper response. So I am reposting here hoping to get a better response. Sorry for the duplication, mods. My Question: I want to access the VRAM of my nVidia GeForce GTS450 graphic card using a C program under...
  16. S

    [Complaint] Issues with Blackberry from

    Hello, I did purchase Blackberry 9530 Storm from The phone had issues from beginning and I was unable to configure the e-mails over my BB. I did sort out this from visiting the BB store who did help me and also warned that they would not be that helpful from next time, as the...
  17. S

    Graphi Card

    Hi, Can anyone tell me which one is the best Graphic Card from the below options. GTX 560Ti or GTX 590.... please let me depending upon the response I will take the card.
  18. Darth Vader

    24" LED Monitor

    Hi Guys, Needed a 24" inch Full HD LED monitor. (NO 23.6") I had 2 in my mind,but none available anywhere in india . :( Asus VS248H-P (Great monitor with poor stand) Samsung S24B370H ( Yet to be rlsed in india,not sure it'll) Both has Response time of 2ms. ( i know wht response time...
  19. M

    Is this OK?

    I want a monitor for partly gaming and mostly for applications like 3DS MAX or ADOBE Premier Pro and ADobe photoshop CS 5. I currently have a Viewsonic VA1703wb. Is this ok or should i go for a higer resolution one? Response please! :(
  20. Sarath

    [Complaint] Letsbuy service or should I say lack of it. Another bad experience.

    I am well aware that letsbuy screws up random people in between their spells of good to fine service. Well I fell prey to their bad service for the second time. First time being this one > letsbuy :-x Now as usual, not surprisingly their service is quick to clear your doubts and apprehensions...
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