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Multimonitors!! help!


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So i decided to get a desktop instead of spending 1.9 lakh on an alienware laptop.I finalized on a rig with an i7,gtx 690 or 680 and other components which are good enough to run nvidia surround.The thing is that I don't know what brand or model to buy.I just checked out the monitor list and found that 10k monitors have full hd support with 2ms response time but I also saw similar(very similar) monitors which costed 20k or so,so i wondered if i was missing something.If you guys can recommend a few budget full Hd monitors with 2ms response time or even telling me how to go about selecting a monitor ,that would be great.The size can be anywahere from 21 to 24 inches,I'd prefer a 2ms response time and it should be suited for a multimonitor setup.However,3D is not necessary as that would just increase the prices and it wont fit in my budget.Thanks in advance!


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if you want only hard core gaming then i5 is more than enough. and the HD7950/7970 with new beta drivers are ripping apart nvidia benchmarks. also they are highly OCable. want extra juice? go for CF.

hope you are not falling for the 'Physx' gimmick from nvidia. incase you have, go thorugh this thread: http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/gra...raphics-card-dedicated-phyx-baseline-aux.html

as for surround, AMD gpus too support them. Eyefinity: AMD Eyefinity Technology

and incase you haev not bought your rig, consider telling the config. the experts here will help you get a better config if possible.


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Yeah man,will do,though I picked up most of the components from the ultra high end rig config in Digit.And no,I don't care about physx.I already have a id range Amd with ati gpu desktop,thought I'd try nvidia's high end gpus for a change...still need help regarding the monitors!


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Stick with SLI instead of crossfire. For multimonitor, try to get your hands on two gtx 680's instead of a single 690.
You should try to get the 4gb variant of gtx 680. The extra vram will be very helpful at those resolutions.
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