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Hi, do we need to be online all the time if we want to play with other guys?? I have a slow internet connection, will I be able to play Multiplayer in games like CoD4?? Tell me briefly, as I don't know anything 'bout Multiplaying. Does internet connection require only for getting to a server, or is it has to be ON for playing with friends?? Slower connections doesn't affect the gameplay, no?? Please tell me :(


Yes in some games It does affect the overall performance..
And Yes you do need to be connected to internet to do online multiplay(duh) unless you share a local network in which you just nee to be in LAN.
If you have a 64kbit/sec then forget about COD4 256Kbit/s is minimum for decent play W/o Lag and delay
Moreover join servers that have a latency of less than 150ms.. India has a very bad routing so we suffer from latency issues.
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