Toshiba unveils 'world's first' 3D flatpanel that doesn't require glasses


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Toshiba unveils 'world's first' 3D flatpanel that doesn't require glasses


Toshiba unveiled another “world’s first” gadget today at CEATEC 2010 in Tokyo, and this one is a biggie: a 3D flatpanel TV that doesn’t require any glasses to fully enjoy the picture.

Intended for commercial sale, the 3D flatpanel will be available in 12- and 20-inch sizes.

These advanced 3D displays sans glasses were made possible thanks to an integral imaging system. Here’s the explanation:

It provides nine different perspectives (parallaxes) of each single 2D frame which the viewer’s brain superimposes to create a 3-dimensional impression of the image…They developed a powerful engine and an algorithm to extrapolate these perspectives out of the 2D frame and used a perpendicular lenticular sheet, an array of lenses, that enable the viewer’s brain to superimpose the perspectives. It also offers a wide viewing area in front of the display and allows movement of the eyes and head without disrupting the 3D image and without the discomfort sometimes associated with other ‘glasses-less’ 3D technologies.

Naturally, these way cool products will be available in Japan only first when the 3D flatpanels launch in December. No word on when the Toshiba displays will roll out elsewhere.


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read somewhere that these require the person to be sitting exactly in front of the screen...
As the angle increases with the TV the distortion of the images increase
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