1. D

    [Query] Which SMPS brand has the best reliability and warranty service?

    Hi! I'm looking to buy a PSU (550 to 650 watts preferably). Which brand has the best after sales service and reliability? I'm not living in a metro. Thanks
  2. W

    WD Blue or Green, which one is better for long term data storage reliability???

    Hello, I wanna get a 1TB or 2TB Internal HDD for my PC. Which one is better for long term reliability? WD Caviar Blue OR Green? I do not need speed, just long term data storage reliability. Thanks!
  3. happy17292

    HDD for backup . Internal or external?

    I need a hdd to store movies, game installations and other stuff which i rarely open. My requirements are 1. Long life 2. Reliability Speed dosnt matter and i am looking for a storage capacity of 1 TB. Which type of hdd should i buy? And any specific brand/model? Max budget is 5k+/-200...
  4. TheLetterD

    46 Inch LED TV, Samsung vs LG vs Sony

    Hello! I need a 46 inch LED TV and my priorities are: 1. 1080p and 720p Picture/Video Quality 2. Reliability I DO NOT care about features like Smart TV internet connectivity 3D yada yada yada because Ill be connecting my HTPC to it. So, which one should I go for? LG , The Sony...
  5. R

    Intel i3 3220 vs 3225

    Hello, I am building a new PC and my usage will be surfing, movies, games like gta vc and other low end ones. I am on a budget of 10000 for CPU + mobo, I wont be adding a dedicated GPU now or in the future. I am confused about i3 3220 and 3225, I am not planning to get an AMD APU as...
  6. kapilove77

    Need SSD!

    My uncle is coming next month from UK n i am asking him to get a 120/128 GB ssd. Plz suggest me which ssd to get performance wise mostly n also reliability as i don't get Indian warranty for it! :-)
  7. ssk_the_gr8

    Electric Scooter purchase

    looking to get an electric scooter reason : you know purpose : short runs, like going to the gym, swimming or getting stuff from shops etc.. max single run would be 25 KM Dont want speed or acceleration or anything else. The only criterion is reliability. A minor criterion is looks...
  8. pranav0091

    Needed portable Netbook upto 25k

    A friend of mine wants to buy a netbook or something similarly light for use in his studies. There will be no gaming of any kind and he is not looking for anykind of mindblowing performance. Portability and battery life are of utmost importance and so is reliability. Anything else is purely a...
  9. S

    Starting Trading Business on second hand computers

    Hello friends, we are planning to start a small trading business on second hand Desktop Computers. so we require necessary suggestions to deal successfully. Our enquiries are as here under- *** 1) where we can collect Parts in most competitive rate & reliability in Kolkata (W.B.)? (Supplire...
  10. T

    Please Suggest me a laptop under 45k. 50k max

    Please suggest me a laptop. My main requirement is Reliability/Ass. Another major requirement is Optical/SPDIF audio output as I listen to music using external DAC and headphones but not at the cost of reliability. If I need to compromise reliability for this feature then I don't need this...
  11. T

    Graphics Card help!

    I have a budget of 5k and want to buy a graphics card. Something that is not too old.. Min: DX 11.... GT 520 vs HD 6570 vs HD 6670... What is the performance scaling? ive got an i5 2400 I've always had an Nvidia card.. Many people have told me that in the past, ATI had quality/...
  12. gaurav.singh

    Portable hard drive

    Can anyone suggest me a portable hard drive of about 500 gb, costs around Rs. 3000 with a decent reliability?
  13. A

    Sharing info regarding reliability of laptop

    One thing i have noticed since past that brands like sony vaio, dell are more concerned about reliability of laptop than just putting in the best possible GPU in the laptop. Eg: In previous sony vaio EB series it had underclocked hd5650 GPU unlike other brands, even in current CB series, it...
  14. quicky008

    Reliability of Corsair VX450 PSU

    I purchased a corsair vx450 for my system a couple of months earlier and i've been using it since then.So far,it has worked properly and i have not faced any problems with it at all.However,of late,it has started emitting a low-pitched jittery noise that sounds a lot like "kirrrrrrrrr" while my...
  15. R

    A phn within 8k?

    Can any1 help how's the Samsung S5250 Wave525 - Full phone specifications its for a frnd he wants d basics gud battry reliability easy sms input loud spkrs & a nice cam
  16. hluachawngthu

    Help to buy Laptop?

    I am planning to buy laptop with budget of around 30k. Which products is better considering display, processor, reliability and above all its durability? Please advice.
  17. A

    V3242AU compaq problems

    are v 3242 au laptops realy worth it.what can b done to improve their performance and reliability
  18. hluachawngthu

    Need suggestions for pen-drive

    I am planning to buy pen-drive 4GB+. I was using Transcend & A-Data so far. But I've lost 'em. Which product is good in terms of prize, durability, reliability and look? I am budgeting around Rs. 1000/-. Please advise.
  19. N

    biostar tp35d2-a7 vs msi p35 neo f

    Hello frnds which is the best mobo out of the above ip35 chipsets for e7200 c2d. plz compare various factors like performance, reliability,..etc and help me choose the best one. i will not OC.
  20. george101

    Performance and Reliability Update for Vista SP1

    A reliability and performance update is available for download for Windows Vista Service Pack 1. This specific release targets all Windows Vista editions, provided that they have the first service pack integrated. The update comes with the promise of improving the performance and reliability of...
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