1. stellar

    Cold Start

    My PC refuses to start normally. After i press start button, it wheezes then stops then again tries to start and like that for 10 to 5 try, then only PC starts. What can be the problem?
  2. L

    HELP!!!! Note 2 won't connect to WiFi

    Note 2 won't no longer connect to WiFi after updating tot he latest firmware - 4.1.2. Keeps telling me weak signal and refuses to obtain IP address, it does not even register as a connected device on my modem configuration page. Point is it was working fine prior to me updating to the latest...
  3. O

    bricked my laptop with BSD:stuck at bios splash screen

    Hi Freinds, I have an acer 5745 running ubuntu, I tried loading bsd. chose autoformat it formatted the whole disk. but on reboot it is stuck at bios splash screen. It refuses to boot further or even go to the bios set up when i press F2. Any advice to salvage from this situation will be...
  4. shaunak

    Age of Empires 3 refuses to run after update

    I just bought a copy of AOE III. It installed fine and was running well, bus as soon as I upgraded to v1.3, it refuses to start up anymore and gives me a "Insert Disk 1" message. I followed all the instructions on this page: but no luck. The copy...
  5. amitabhishek

    Can't see my avtar pic.?

    Is this a new bug? No matter what I do my avatar image refuses to turn up? Any ideas? :???:
  6. davinci

    Region biased dvd player

    I hav bought a phillips dvd player last year n it played all dvds without any probs.But recently i bought an Indiana Jones dvd which my dvd player refuses to play and showing 'Wrong Region'.How do i make it region free?
  7. Amir.php

    xp refuses to shutdown

    my windows xp installation is refuses to shutdown. after giving shutdown or restart command from the menu the "windows is preparing to shuting down" screen is appear. but windows will not shudown. and at the starting '' login to telecca.dll is failed" message appeared. What is the problem...
  8. joey_182

    Google Refuses to Blur Earth Images

    SOURCE Image [Edited Batty] Mod to rescue ..
  9. hash!!

    gprs problem on pocket pc

    i bought a dopod d600 runnin on wm5.... ddnt have a major budget so settled for this without wifi... i thot i'd rather have the slow-mo gprs... but then i hit a wall there.... hutch has activated gprs on all numbers, and the auto-config on my ppc's connection settings reads those settings as...
  10. S

    cd drive refuses to open

    hi, i have a cd writer which about 2 years old it has been working fine but now it refuses to open. it does open but after trying a hundred times. rest it is working fine.
  11. F

    Problem with .avi file

    First, i thank digit forum and members for this The avi file i have has been downloaded. Windows Media Player refuses to play saying a Necessary Video Codec is not there. I got WMP 10, with all updates. Real...
  12. A

    Windows XP refuses to detect new HDD.

    I just installed a new 40GB HDD, but Windows XP refuses to detect it. It is connected as Primary Slave, and is properly detected in the BIOS. It has not been formatted. Will Partition Magic solev the problem ?
  13. D

    Problem with Spybot 1.4 RC2

    When I try to update Spybot 1.4, I get an error that says 'bad checksum'. Also Tea-timer causes an error during startup and refuses to load. Spybot 1.3 worked perfectly well on my PC.
  14. iinfi


    how do i install the eclipse 3.0.1 SDK given in this month's Digit DVD? it refuses to install in my winXP pro plz help
  15. iinfi

    IE fails to open

    my friend's PC is a pIII with 1GHz. with win98 OS and 128 MB RAM ... when we click on the IE icon in the desktop IE refuses to open .... we went to c:\program files\(IE folder) and clicked on iexplore.exe ...... IE refuses to open he connects to the net n browses by clicking the...
  16. R


    see,i installed alcohol 120% and made a few image files with it.(format:-mdf and mds ).now,i want to burn that image files.nero refuses to recognise those formats. alcohol refuses to be installed again(it was trial) . is there any other program which can burn these image files??????? one...
  17. saROMan

    Funny Internet Proble...

    1 st i formated Xp yday...and reinstalled it :twisted: :twisted: but after all the i am facing strange proble...... am using insted of opening new window i use Ctrl+T for new tab....but i am havin a strange firefox refuses to open any site...
  18. V

    Can't Access the CDROM in KNOPPIX 3.4

    I am recently installed knoppix 3.4 from Live Cd. It works fine, but cdrom is not mounting, it says cdrom is not access. I can enter in root also it refuses. Please Help me how to mount the cdrom?
  19. A

    nero refuses to be installed

    i had copied nero OEM CD from my friend the problem i that on other computers it gets intalled but on my computer it refuses to insalled even after formatting the problem with nero is that when it reaches the AudioPlayerPlugins it gives an error saying that cannot copy...
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