1. G

    Gunnar Gaming glasses

    During my web research i found an interesting gaming gear called Gunnar gaming glasses. They claim to reduce eye strain and enhance visual performance. I am a DOTA2 player and spend hours playing games. Now, my question is it might reduce eye strain, but how can it enhance performance?? Any body...
  2. gohan89

    Suggest accesories for Xperia SP !!!

    Please suggest the best accesories for Sony Xperia SP: 1)A soft flexible case (Black) for protecting my device 2)A screenguard which doesnt reduce display color and brightness,does not reduce touch response,anti fingerprint,anti glare,no rainbow effect and re-appliable.. 3)Best 16GB Class 10...
  3. I

    Pdf file size

    Some pdf have less pages but huge size. Tell me how to reduce pdf size.
  4. ghantaukay

    Reduce the size of Primary C: Drive

    I want to instal an ssd into my pc and want to reduce the size of my c: drive before I do that.I have allotted 120 GB for C Drive on my hard disk but that keeps filling up. Right now its a little over 100 GB and I want to downsize that to about half so that I will have sufficient space in my ssd...
  5. V

    please help for 15.6/ laptop

    hello guys..i am confused between inspiron 15r 1366 res version and full hd 1080p main concern is whether i will be able to read text in such small display with full hd..i havent seen a 15.6 full hd display before and i have heard about the small text problems..obviously 7730m cant...
  6. C

    Problem with sound in Ubuntu 11.10

    I had installed Ubuntu 11.10 some weeks ago, but the audio was of very poor quality. I googled the problem and installed "Restricted drivers" for it by the following command: But still the sound isn't good. However, It sounds OK when I reduce the volume from the media player (keeping it at...
  7. sukesh1090

    Cooler Master Hyper 212 evo cooler fan speed problem

    guys i bought this cooler and installed it in to my comp.the fan speed reaches 1800 RPM at full load and decreases to 1600RPM at idle but actually it should reduce its fan speed to 600 at idle.i have enabled c1e,cool and quiet and selected pwm mode for fan but still the same problem.what should...
  8. arjoonpk

    battery care

    guys can anyone advise me hw to efficiently take care of my lap's battery life....?? pls suggest me sum tips on hw to reduce battery degradation... m using vaio cb35...
  9. pauldmps

    Google clamps down on Android fragmentation

    Source: Google clamps down on Android fragmentation - Phone Arena
  10. V

    Reduce your high BSNL bills!!

    Now let us come to how to reduce your bill.. A Regular checkup of internet usage in the portal. Took a printed copy. If you are Home500Ul check whether night usage is charged(this is only to MP/and P3 connections not the problems with P2 connections(old NIB1) If there is high bill don’t...
  11. yomanabhi

    Good idea to laminate touch screens?

    i want to buy and laminate my nokia 5235 will the lamination will cause damage to the screen?? will it reduce the life of phone? will it reduce its touch response?:-?:???::?
  12. sukesh1090

    case fans

    can i use 3-4 8omm case fans in my cabinet which is having frontech 450w smps?Is there any 80mm case fan which makes less noise,i bought two zebronics 80mm fans but it makes a lot of noise or is there any way to reduce its noise?thank you.
  13. W

    Screen resolution

    how to reduce screen resolution in a movie
  14. abhi_shake

    video taken in digicam : need to reduce size

    I took a couple of videos from my digicam but their filesize is huge. Around 500 mb. how do i reduce their size? they are in avi format
  15. User Name

    Do torrents reduce HDD performance?

    Do D/L from p2p clients(utorrent) reduce HDD performance? I found my PC HDD performance reduced. folders opens slowly. prog. closes slowly. is it becoz of many read/write operations of HDD during D/L torrents files. How to check hdd preformance any software? There is no virus in my PC.
  16. linardni

    Remove Logo during

    My Aamar PC brand computer displays the Xenitis Logo screen for a few seconds whenever I boot my machine. How may I disable/remove the logo from being displayed so as to reduce the delay in booting process.
  17. ankushkool

    Does continous power damage notebook???

    I have bought a dell studio 17 with graphics card and i plan to use it 24x7 so i have to keep it connected to the power supply. will this 1. incerase the chances of damaging de motherboard etc. 2. reduce the battery life if yes what is de sol (dont ask me to remove de battery and use de laptop...
  18. Pearl Groupz

    Reduce Ram Use of Your Firefox

    Source: f Firefox takes up too much memory on your computer, you can limit the amount of RAM it is allowed to us. Again, go to about:config, filter “browser.cache” and select “browser.cache.disk.capacity”. It’s set to 50000, but you can...
  19. ax3

    reduce user profile file size ! ! !

    how 2 reduce file size of user profile [system properties>>advance>>user profile] ?? coz its 120mb .......
  20. K

    cpu fan control prob

    using a Q6600 (g0) and a DG31PR mobo. i disabled the cpu fan control in BIOS to make the fan spin at the max speed. but that never happens and it only spins at 1200 rpm which causes the cpu to reach temps above 70-75. even 80 at times. the ONLY way to reduce temps is to boot into windows and...
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