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cpu fan control prob

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Broken In
using a Q6600 (g0) and a DG31PR mobo.
i disabled the cpu fan control in BIOS to make the fan spin at the max speed.
but that never happens and it only spins at 1200 rpm which causes the cpu to reach temps above 70-75. even 80 at times.
the ONLY way to reduce temps is to boot into windows and use speedfan and manually change it to spin at around 2500 rpm which makes it 45C
ive tried every possible setting in the BIOS, reset HSF with thermal paste, updated BIOS but still it wont spinn faster unless i start speedfan.
this is really getting pissing off cuz i use osx86 and dont wanna boot into windows just to reduce temps. can someone help me with a proper solution to get the fan spinning at high rpms all the time
should i get my mobo or procc replaced?


Cyborg Agent
I know very little about OSX86, but is it possible that something in the OS is overriding your BIOS setting, somewhat like changing the RTC from Windows? Is the fan spinning at low speed before you boot into the OS? Have you observed and visually judged how fast it is spinning without connecting the hard disk?


my fan spins at 950 rpm. but fortunately 45nm proccy cores stay at 55-60.

anyways , i want my fan to spin faster as well.
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