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  1. I

    OS Choice menu

    Hi. I'm new to Linux and am unaware about most of the technicalities of this OS. Recently I installed Red Hat 9 on my PC. My existing OS is Win XP Pro. After successful completion of the installation when I rebooted the machine, this is what I found in the OS choice menu: I've no clue where...
  2. Charley

    My monitor changes color

    The monitr screen color keeps changing from normal to green, red, blue, etc..... Wht cud be the problem?
  3. M

    formatting dual os harddrive??

    the history : i have Red Hat Linux running on one partition and win xp pro on another in the same harddrive (btw i upgraded from win me to xp about 10 boot ups back). the problem : though i can boot into red hat, xp hits a dead end (it reboots after...
  4. R

    sony erricson-laptop internet

    I have SE T 630 cell phone and a laptop Dell 1100.I want to connect to internet .How do I do itWhat all I require to for this Both Hardware as well as software.I have infra red in the laptop as well as data cable for use. thanks
  5. escape7

    connect using reliance in linux

    can one connect to the net using a reliance phone in red hat 9 ??? :?:
  6. B

    Problem to installing Linux

    I have- 845-G Mercury Motherboard 256 MB Ram 1.7 Ghz Pen-IV When I try to install Red Hat linux-Version 9, it gives a message that your computer's Architecture does't support to install Red Hat Linux. Help me.
  7. rakee

    share the distros

    hi ppl i do have a collection of linux distributions that i bought,came with magz,downloaded etc.And also i dont have the ones i need.Can we all people share the cds,dvds of linux distros...:) hope this will stop us downloading or wandering elsewhere.first please post your list of linux or oss...
  8. kjuvale

    how to take screenshot in red hat 9linux

    can somebody help me how to take screenshot in red hat linux cant use printscreen key
  9. A

    pc repeatedly hanging

    hi i have a problem wid my pc. when i use my pc it hangs at ne odd time . sometimes it works well for 4 hrs but then sometimes it conks off in 4 mins. there is no warning msg frm windows . the red light in my pc just goes off. i had recently put another 64mb of sdram . can it be d cause of...
  10. A

    USB Pen Drive

    Hi i wanted to buy a USB Pen Drive of the Largest Memory available.The main criteria is that it should be compatible with USB1.1 and Red Hat LInux.If anybody has suggestions please post it up.Thanks in advance.
  11. S

    disappearing red

    i have an LG studioworks 45V 14' monitor. recently i was watching the movie 'torque' when all of a sudden the colors seemed strange. on further examination, it was revealed that the red component had disappeared. wherever there ought to be red, i only get complete black. i tried changing...
  12. I

    Dual Boot Help

    i had red hat insatalled on an old hard disk but did not use the dual boot option.i run win xp and connect the red hat hdd only some of the time.is there any way in which i can install the boot loader now and make it a dual boot? right now i disconnect and reconnet hard disks every time i want...
  13. S

    Internet on Red Hat

    How to make an internet connection on Red Hat and change its various settings .I use cable intenet
  14. M

    Digital camera - red eye factor

    :? :? :o hi ,suggest me a DIGITAL CAMERA within Rs 16000 . I am willing to buy a digital camera . I want 3x optical zoom .And picture quality is all above everything else . I am NOT looking for features like direct camera to print or night vision,or camera-webcam.. all i want is high...
  15. S

    Red hat vs SuSE

    i'm planning to install one of the above linux distros (from the aug03 and aug04 digit mags). red hat 9 and SuSE 9.1. maybe mandrake 9.1 if yall suggest it. what i want to know is which is the best choice for me (a complete linux newbie) in terms of ease of use, installation and (:D)...
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