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disappearing red

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i have an LG studioworks 45V 14' monitor. recently i was watching the movie 'torque' when all of a sudden the colors seemed strange. on further examination, it was revealed that the red component had disappeared. wherever there ought to be red, i only get complete black. i tried changing graphics card, but the problem persists.
in the beginning, there would be red when i booted the computer then the colors would flicker and red would disappear. now, there won't be any red in the beginning, but it'll eventually flicker back.
friends tell me that the electron gun in my monitor is damaged and i'd need to take it to a workshop, but i've got a really busy schedule for atleast a month. can anything be done at home?



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Your friends is right. Most probably some faults hae been developed in red electron gun circuitry. :(
You can adjust the POT for red electron gun located in neck pcb. But that requires to open the monitor cover which may void warranty. And also it requires skill hands coz inside monitor FATAL voltages present.


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I had the same problem .. Does degausing it help ...? If not then you'll have to take it to workshop ...


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this problem also occurs of one of the pins of the monitor cable (that connects to the CPU) gets broken etc. check it out.
and try degaussing also.

you might have to take it to the service workshop.


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IF u are not sure of what ur doing don't open the monitor as amistik said u can get a shock of life time ;).
If the above trials fail then I recommend you take it to the workshop.

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All ppl getting those probs either ur monitor cable is damaged or a loose connection of the electron gune or else the worst u gotta dump ur monitor.


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And if you have any Speakers near your monitor throw them right away.,..Propably they are not magnetically shielded...and if the company tell they are ...you can be sure they are damn lying...bythe well did u degauss...try kicking the monitor.( seriously ) ..it works for somepeople..as the gun that is lose inside get a bit assembled... :p


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yeah same happened with my uncle's PC... he also uses StudioWorks...

I check its hardware and graphics driber stuff.. degaussed enough... nothing happened....


it seems it some kinda viruz on StudioWorks monitors.... just kidding... ;-)
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