1. P

    Recovering HDD

    My laptop's HDD shows error 303 which I know is corrupt HDD. But is it possible that some partitions may be fine and it can be used?
  2. E|e<tr0|!0n

    Android custom firmware clashes

    So I've got a Samsung SM-J701F (Galaxy J7 Nxt), on which I flashed a TWRP recovery made for the 2016 Exynos edition of the Galaxy J7- Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016 Exynos). The phone went into boot loops after that, until I installed a custom ROM, Nemesis Nougat- [ROM][7.0][AQH3][10/09]NEMESIS NOUGAT...
  3. G

    Samsung sm-g361h soft bricked!!! Pls help!

    So I wanted to root my Galaxy Core Prime When my brother touched the power plugin during the Process. So Now I'm stuck on a message saying "Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & Try again." I get FAIL! message everytime I do something and FRP message in...
  4. V

    Recovery Drive for my Windows 10

    I have been waiting for more than 10 hours now for my recovery drive operation/creation completed in my windows 10. Still the message "Please Wait" is there and the operation going on. Yesterday also it happened. How much time normally it will take?
  5. D

    Data Recovery

    Dear Digitian Im reposting this thread. coz my Laptop's HDD problem is still unsolved. in year 2014 my Laptops HDD got crashed due to shutdown of laptop. i tried softwars like puran file recovery, wondershare, stellar pheonix. but still cant get my data back. Can anyone help me to retrieve...
  6. B

    Recovery dvd queries

    Hi Guys, We were making recovery discs from the recovery disk of a hp laptop. After 2 discs were burned the electricity went off so we had to cancel the process because the charging was low. So after advices from the members of this forum we were finally able to get recovery dvd's from hp. 4...
  7. D

    Anyone know of a way to install a custom recovery on ZTE Blade Buzz v815w?

    Need a way to install a custom recovery on my ZTE Blade Buzz v815w. This model does not seem to be supported by either CWM or TWRP. Have already managed to root it.
  8. warfreak

    How much does professional data recovery cost?

    My secondary hard drive(Seagate Barracuda 1TB) recently started having issues and today, it seems to have finally died. It makes a clicking noise during boot and then spins down after a while. I had already taken backup of most of my critical data but left most of my other data on the drive...
  9. Skyh3ck

    Android General Question - ROM, CWM, TWRP, Boot Loader and more ?????

    Hello Guys I am new to android rooting and custom rom, i have many question, hope you guys will be able to help me here. 1) What is BootLoader ? 2) Does all phone have bootloader ? 3) What is CWM and TWRP are they both same ? 4) what is the use ? 5) Can we install it permanently on phone...
  10. G

    Windows Vista home basic 32 bit iso

    I have a very old hp Compaq laptop with original windows. I wanted to format it but its recovery portion has gone kaput due to virus. And the recovery cds have water damage i guess. So i thought that I'll get the drivers from their site and download windows vista iso. Looks like windows 7 can...
  11. P

    Windows 10 with old recover

    Will installing windows 10 insider preview on another partition affect my old windows 7 recovery?
  12. I

    I forgot the PIN number of the lock screen on my Moto G second gen

    I'm unable to do anything to get into my device as both data connection and Wi-Fi are off and USB debugging is disabled. Is there any way to enable them? Otherwise suggest a way to root the device in this state and delete PIN and also to un-root it after the problem is solved. I don't...
  13. K


    Hello, i was looking out for a method to root my xolo q1010i(KITKAT) and hence flashed custom recoveries on it.. First i flashed carliv touch recovery and it got successfully flashed but i was unable to install zip file(SuperSU zip) through recovery. i got the following error:- E: Can't...
  14. arnabbiswasalsodeep

    Mod your Android!!

    Hey guys, Today I am going to post about all app mods that you can use in your rom or install This will change your phone and you'll start to love your phone Also has Mediatek support After creating this on xda developers I decided to create the same here after one member's advice Requirements-...
  15. D

    toshiba laptop screen brightness error

    Dear all I accidently deleted the recovery partition toshiba l55-a5299 model while installing linux and moreover my laptop's screen is flickering when i plug in AC adapter.the battery icon in the right side of task bar is blinking. and screen flickers from full brightness to low brightness...
  16. E

    Win 8 Single Language OEM

    Can anyone post a reliable dl link for the OEM version ? I have an HP notebook and i forgot to make recovey discs before deleting the recevery partition. And i want to avoid buying recovery disc if possible. I believe since the license is in the bios, this wont be piracy or will it? Thanks.
  17. Shah

    Need suggestion for a good Recovery Software

    My external HDD stopped working all of a sudden. Whenever I plug it in to my computer, It shows "Unreadable or Corrupted". I know formatting the HDD will make it usable again. But, I need to recover the data in it. I don't care if I can't recover the Music and Video files. But, I DO want to...
  18. warfreak

    Michael Schumacher still in critical condition after Ski Crash

    Michael Schumacher remains in coma, doctors taking it “hour by hour” :( Wish you a speedy recovery champ. :(
  19. digit06

    Stuck on the Andriod logo Sfter installing CM 10.1 :cry:

    Guyzzz recently my friend told me that a custom rom can sppeed up ur tablet ... so I tried installing one... I being researching for a week on rooting ..installing cloak work mode .. flashing all these thingsss .. finally I tried to get it installed and the custom rom I used was the Cm10.1
  20. Jaskanwar Singh

    laptop recovery issues

    i got a hp pavilion g6 2005 ax. it came with windows 7, i upgraded to win 8, then 8.1. i had created windows 7 recovery disks, and windows 8 usb. now recently i dropped it and its showing this error - i insert windows 8 usb and get this error - i use windows 7 recovery then this error -...
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