Michael Schumacher still in critical condition after Ski Crash


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Michael Schumacher remains in coma, doctors taking it “hour by hour”


Wish you a speedy recovery champ. :(


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He's my all time favorite F1 driver and i remember most of his memorable races. Wishing him a speedy recovery.


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My fav sports man along with sachin and pete samprass :( may he recover quickly ...but I think he will be never able to race again


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Any updates on his health..Last i heard he was still put under artificial coma..Hope you get well soon Schumacher


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this is sad..going on a family vacation and an unfortunate accident...hope he gets well soon


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I only hope Michael Schumacher pulls through so that he can see all the nice things people are saying about him - Telegraph


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Next 48 hours critical for Schumi | Planet F1 | Formula One News
F1 legend Michael Schumacher spends second night in coma after skiing accident | Sky Sports
Hopefully he would recover well.Has given so many great races and memories.

EDIT:Schumacher situation 'slightly improved'
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