toshiba laptop screen brightness error

Daniel Adam

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Dear all

I accidently deleted the recovery partition toshiba l55-a5299 model while installing linux and moreover my laptop's screen is flickering when i plug in AC adapter.the battery icon in the right side of task bar is blinking. and screen flickers from full brightness to low brightness.

when i took my laptop to service centre the technician told me that the problem is with the recovery parition. AFAIK recovery partition has nothing to do with charging?

i purchased this device and i wanna use it as per my req. i dont wanna stick to single windows for entire life.

can someone help me with this and also provide me a link for downloading exact drivers for toshiba satelitte l55-a5299.(i've downloaded the appropriate drivers for win 7 64 bit from toshiba site but not working)

thank you


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