1. kanhadey

    flv recovery from corrupted partition.

    My laptop hard disk got corrupted. So i formated it and created two partitions. To recover my files back after formatting , i used Pandora Recovery. It recovered my mp3 files, but cant help for flv files. Please tell me are there any software freeware or shareware that can be used to...
  2. rohit2hell

    internal HDD not detecting.

    hi friendz, MY hitachi 320 gb internal hdd is nt detecting and is producin some kind of clicking noise . i need to recover my data . can any one tel me hw can i recover my data ? core 2 quad 3.4 3 gb ddr2 ram hd 4670 1gb graphic card 350w cooler master mb 650sli zebronics
  3. kanhadey

    contact dell and recover data problem.

    MODs Please delete the thread. Sorry 4 inconvinience. :-( I m so woried
  4. Ron

    Required:Digital Image Recovery Software

    Hey frens, last week while i was just searching my hard disk i noticed my "desktop" folder is nowhere which contained around 1 Gb of digital images..However i dont remember deleting or removing the folder from its original place........ So guys pls suggest me a good software which could...
  5. B

    hw 2 recover deleted folder in vista Business?

    I deleted an importanat folder by mistake and emptied recycle bin too. How can I recover that folder from my vista Business OS?? Pls help!:!:
  6. B

    Recover photos from formatted drive

    I had virus in my C drive so I formatted it . By mistake all my precious photos in MY DOCUMENT folder got lost. Now I have reloded XP.Please guide as to how can I recover my lost photos???:-o
  7. S

    How to recover data after o/s reinstall?

    Hi guys, is there a way to recover data post windows reinstall? I unfortunately lost a huge chunk of data in this process......can I do something to recover them?
  8. K

    How to Recover logical drive.(free sapce)..???

    I have accidently deleted my drive while installing can i recover my whole drive as it is..?is their any software for recover the whole logical drive..? the last free space (32.33 gb) is deleted... how can i revcover the data from it...any software that can recover the whole free...
  9. Ron

    Urgent:Data Recovery Software Required

    Frens, I am a windows xp user. Accidently i have deleted my NTFS hard disk partion which contained almost 16 Gb of data. Even Though i have not formated the drive, i am unable to recover those data. Therefore pls suggest me some freeware which would help me to recover them.. I hav tried...
  10. binilmb

    To Recover Windows 7

    I am using dual boot system (xp & Win 7). Last day I am having some issues in XP and re-installed it. So how to get back my Windows 7 OS ?. It has almost all updates in my Win 7. Please help , Idon't want to re-install my Win 7
  11. CA50

    Crack microSD password

    :lol:I have got 1gb microSD card. I password protected it and now i forgot the password. Please tell me a way to recover or crack the card so that i can reuse it.;-);-)
  12. static_x

    Strange Problem!!

    Hi, Last night when i switched on my PC i got the error message as: "COULD NOT LOAD THE CURRENT USER PROFILE" "WINDOWS WILL NOW CREATE A TEMP PROFILE" now when the desktop appeared all the files and icons on my earlier desktop were missing as well as the files in My Documents. I tried to find my...
  13. tanush_89

    Best recovery software

    guys I just had the biggest crash of my life.. Can anyone tell which is the best one... I guess its recover My files... I need to recover some movies and important pictures.. Plz help.................
  14. T

    Required a good data recovery software

    My system was crashed just now. I lost all the data that was their in in my PC. Can anyone suggest me a good data recovery software which can recover the data from formatted hard disk......... Please help me....:|:?:?:cry::cry:
  15. mad1231moody

    Recover AMR files

    Hello friends. I am in a situation here. I have deleted a recorder file in AMR format from memory card (microSD). I tried PC Inspector but it doesn't have option for recovering .amr files although it has feature to recover wav files. Please recommend a software that can help me in this situation
  16. N

    Urgent : Trojan virus problem:

    Im using a winows sp2 & a virus(expected trojan) has infected system 32 & other software files containg its self made .exe files..... which are present upto now even after complete harddisk format. tell me wat i have to do to recover frm this & is their any tweak tat work through registry to...
  17. thewisecrab

    Reverting back to XP from Ubuntu. Some queries.

    Hi guys. :) I need to free up some space on my already full HDD. I had installed Ubuntu on a separate 13 GB partition (2.86 GB as swap included) I learned quite a lot :wink: I need to recover these partitions back to NTFS on Windows due to space constraints (also, I may install Win 7 in about a...
  18. D

    Online storage data recovery

    i had an xdrive online storage account which has now been closed and i lost all my data. is it possible to recover data by any chance?:( please help. thanks in advance.
  19. S

    How to recover window7 iso file??

    Hello friends.... I have deleted my window7 iso image from hard disk.... can you tell me how can I recover that file... it is so urgent..I wasted 6 hours to download it....
  20. T

    very serious problem

    i hided drive D in my computer but accudently that program is removed and now i m not able to my D drive can nay one tell me how can i recover it plz help me my all the data in d
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