1. A

    My Linux Woes-1

    As a preamble again, let me tell me you folks that I have 5 systems at my under me - two personal laptops, one system in my own office room, and 3 systems in a FOSS Lab I established (one is only Windows at the moment to configure and export data from Arc GIS, so I have not included that). In...
  2. A

    My Windows gone

    I tried installing Yoper. And it installed beautifully and in fact I am beginning to like the distro (except that it has not mounted my Win partitions (come again friend how to do that too !!!!). But the Lilo it used doed notr include Windows. How can I recover that. Earlier once I used Mandrake...
  3. D

    Problem with Ubuntu

    I installed a Linux distro (Ubuntu) for the first time ever. The setup went fine but when it starts, it can't load the GUI and I only get a command prompt like display. Tell me how to recover the partition on which it was installed or how to get the GUI working. Also how do I configure GRUB to...
  4. L

    recover grub

    i have a dual boot of xp and red hat 9.0. recently i reinstalled xp on C: leaving all other partitions intact. Now when i start my system i do not get the grup bootloader. how do i recover it back?
  5. expertno.1

    leechget made me sucked ! help

    i was downloading a game file of 40 mb i had downloaded 28 mb f the file but an error occured in leechget asking me to restart it and when i restarted the file was of 1 mb ! only . help how do i recover it ?
  6. K

    forgot the windows xp rprofessinoal password

    Is there any way to recover my windowsxp professinal administrator password
  7. V


    some one please help copy a vcd .I got the following error message while opening it. any software to recover this cd ? iam using a LG RW and a samsung DVD ROM this vcd works fine on a vcd player .
  8. S

    recover psd

    how can i recover my lost passwords of ms word or ms excel
  9. pirates1323

    Encrypt File

    I have a game in exe format when I click it says enter password for encrypted file and I don't know the password, How can I recover or anything..
  10. C


    I tried the recover files software from MARCH DVD.It listed my file but there was no option on how to recover it .Please help. :D :D
  11. godsownman

    Recover Lost data

    I have deleted a file from my system using shift delete Now I want to recover that file . I had read about a software but unfortunately i cannot find that thread. Can anybody please tell me the name of the software or please give me the link of that thread. I would prefer that link it...
  12. I


    HElp me guys! I accidentally deleted a folder using"shift"+"del". I don't have any recovery s/w installed. Is it posible to recover it any how? :(
  13. rajesh

    Recover your Permanently deleted Mails from Outlook

    Recovering Shift Deleted Items. 1) Go to Start, Run and type 'regedit' 2) Go to: \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\EXCHANGE\CLIENT\OPTIONS registry key. 3) Right click and add new DWORD VALUE (data type is REG_DWORD) and then right click and...
  14. C


    what happened is that my personal folder on my HDD got corrupted ... i cdnt use a recovery software as the folder disappeared due to my waiting for a week figuring out wat to do ... when i ran chkdsk it recovered all 11GB's of it but converted to *.CHK format ... i was able to recover a...
  15. G

    data recovery software

    Is there any data recovery software on the net with a very small file size? I need to recover some corrupt files on my fat32 xp partition.
  16. K

    Recover NTFS Partitions : Fixed by TEST DISK !!!

    Ok , Disk Management SCREWED up my partitions big time . had c: fat32 d: ntfs e: ntfs f: ntfs g: ntfs remaining ext3 towards the end Finally had 12 GB of free partition Tried to convert the last 12 GB to Primary with disk management . it said all letters would be changed...
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