Dell XPS 15 L502x - Suggest new battery


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Hello all,

Ive a 4 year old XPS 15 L502x and its battery needs replacement.
So could you please recommend few options? and where i can get it.



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6 cell: Dell Laptop XPS L502X 6 cell original dell Battery in India

9 cell: Del XPS battery - XPS L502X 9 cell Dell laptop Battery | Compuindia

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My subwoofer is busted. And I can't find it anywhere :(


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If you are ok with Compatible batteries try Ebay. 9 Cell- Laptop Battery 9 Cell FOR Dell XPS 14 15 17 L401X L501X L502X L701X L702X JWPHF | eBay.
Me and my cousin bought 6 cell battrey from this seller.A friend of mine bought aforementioned 9 cell battery.

[MENTION=121890]kaz[/MENTION] Ditto here.The sub-woofer in my Dell XPS makes a crackling noise...the speakers are fine.Is it possible to disable only the sub-woofer ?


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[MENTION=317810]Stormbringer[/MENTION] no we can't..I'm gonna remove it..Have connected with many sellers buy none have the sub woofer, not even on Dell's US site.
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