1. M

    How to create music album in sd card for nokia media player?

    I want mine certain songs to be recognize as an album in nokia media player? How can I do that? Please help me.
  2. samudragupta

    does any one game via origin

    if so has anyone tried gaming with the xbox contoller.. i am not used to the laptops keyboard and hence prefer to game using the gamepad... but i have downloaded BF2 and it does not recognize the controller, however, other dvd cd rom games do!! is there any compatibility issues? any patch or...
  3. N

    System not Booting Up - Letter J displayed

    Hi! Today I was trying to make a bootable Windows 7 USB using WinToFlash. The application requested the source (location of OS) and target (USB drive) which I furnished after which it proceeded to copy the data onto the USB drive. On completion the system restarted on its own but did not boot up...
  4. L

    Belkin N600HD not recognized by desktop

    Hi, My belkin router F7D4401 is not being recognize by my desktop whereas i can connect to the same without a problem using my laptop. The belkin router management software shows the router as connected when i joined it my laptop but the desktop always says not connected. What went wrong...
  5. koolent

    USB Not working..

    Hi, I am Kush Mishra... I purchased a USB Some Months ago.. I don't know what happened exactly but now my windows doesn't even recognize it.. How can I make it work? Help me..
  6. ashishisdrunk

    Android problem

    I Recently Bought Bsnl 3g And Started Downloading Whole Day whole night .. I used Easy Tether For connecting Internet.. .Yesterday While i was downloading it got disconnected automatically. .i tried to reconnect but my pc do not recognize the phone .. .when i connect usb it shows...
  7. B


    How to get Vista to recognize and read a Ubuntu partition? A friend of mine has installed Ubuntu on his PC alongside Vista. He would like to know how he can get Vista to read and recognize the Ubuntu partition, so he can share and transfer data between the two. Any ideas please...
  8. R

    USB not recognize

    i am having problem wwith usb vibration joystick. when ever i plug-in,it displaying an error msg "usb not recognize windows malfunctioned". can u please tell me the solution soon?............
  9. R

    USB not recognize

    i am having problem wwith usb vibration joystick. when ever i plug-in,it displaying an error msg "usb not recognize windows malfunctioned". can u please tell me the solution soon?............
  10. A

    Problem with booting using CD

    Hi Guys, The OS in my PC has become too old and infected with virus. So I am trying to install Windows XP again. I have bootable XP CD with me. In the BIOS I have set the CDROM as first Booting device. However the problem is that while booting whenever the system asks to "Press any key to boot...
  11. hullap

    Errors while Reinstalling GRUB

    I have intel core 2 duo 1.86 GHZ , Nvidia 7100gs , 1 GB ram , 2 hard disks (250 GB, 160GB) with ubuntu on 2nd one,dunno what all i should tell more :P . My prob:- after ubuntu's reinstallation grub fails to recognize xp even after GRUBs reinstallation When i downloaded an ubuntu iso(Bfore 2-3...
  12. L

    Ipod & Flac format

    Hi, I managed to collect very good quality, Flac format, songs for some movies and i wanted to transfer to my Ipod. but the damn thing doesnt recognize this format. I would want to have the conversion of Flac to mp3 as the last option. has any1 played flac in ipod ? is there any additional...
  13. anandk

    Microsoft's : Project ThinSight.

    Microsoft UK, has developed a new prototype interactive Touch-Screen, that can recognize hand movements near its screen. The screen acts as a sort of a 2-handed touch interface and as an infrared camera. Effectively, users can operate the display with both hands. This screen can even even...
  14. almighty

    how to make sata slave {urgent]

    hello mates i ve 80 GB sata with xp pro installed last nite my bro wants some data from my pc so he brought his another sata of 80 gb in which xp is also installed now i wanna know if i connect both the hdd in my pc HOW MY PC RECOGNIZE WHICH HDD TO USE OR WHICH OS TO USE? plz help me
  15. Gigacore

    The Spam and Scam Report

    How to deal with the biggest online time-waster and recognize the most common rip-offs! Download: 536 KB *
  16. S

    can't burn more on CD and DVD

    hi all i have got sony DVD RW DRU 820A my problem is that i am not able to burn cd of 800 mb and dvd of 4.7 gb as nero 7.2 only recognize 700 mb of cd and 4.3 gb on dvd how can i use the full space on the disk?
  17. pickster

    Firefox theme

    i have downloaded a .jar file which is a theme/skin for firefox. where do i place this file so that firefox will recognize it?
  18. KoRn

    mp3 ringtones

    hey guys my friend recently got a brand new nokia6600 and i own a nokia 6670 howcome when i transferred *mp3 to the 6600 it couldnt recognize da format hoecome nokia 6600 no mp3!!?? helllllpppppp :cry:
  19. rajat22

    PC dont recognize Sony camcord

    Recently I have purchased Sony Cam Cord DCR-HC42E , but my PC failed to recognize it after installing the driver cd and before installation :twisted: :evil: . I refered to troubleshoot but it did not help at all :cry: Device manager :all USB ports properly installed and other USB devices...
  20. H

    Does Windows Recognize All Video Formats???????????

    Hi freinds i am back with some more questions. freind i want to really know that does windows recognize all video formats cause yesterday when i brought on rent from movie gallery (harry potter and the prizoner of azkaban a copied copy of the original cd )to see on my computer and when i clicked...
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