1. W

    AV Receiver query

    best entry level audio\video receiver Looking for an entry level AV Receiver setup to be used with the PC. I want to use the 24' as the main display and 2.1/5.1 spkrs which ever fit the budget. For receivers I got some models to start with, DENON AVR-588, AVR-788 Yamaha RX-V363 , 633...
  2. R

    USB IR receiver

    I have a Dell Inspiron 640m laptop and I want it to sense the IR signals from the remote which comes with the Dell inspiron 1500/1525 models. I recently found that my laptop doesn't have an IR sensor. WIll I be able to get something like a USB IR receiver in the market? if so what will be its...
  3. F

    Hauppauge Wi-Music Device

    I posted it earlier also but i think it didn't got approved because it lacked some details. Mods please approve it this time. Hauppauge Wi-Music Device is a top-of the line digital wireless music receiver, that streams music from your laptop to any speaker system - your home theater, music...
  4. tweety_bird_bunny

    dataone doesnt connect till phone on hang !

    a weird problem has engulfed me recently.. al of a sudden my dataone has stopped connectin.. but surprisingly, it connects only when i hang up my phone's receiver.. and if i put the receiver back, it again disconnects... i checked all the wires n connections, they seem to be wrkin fine... any...
  5. H


    Hi All I would appreciate anyone helping me out on this one: I use XP. From the time Hotmail got upgraded to Windows Live Hotmail, I have been facing a peculiar problem. In all my Forwarded mails and most of my Sent mails, the contact list gets printed at the end of the mail. This, besides...
  6. B

    Home Theater

    I want to buy high end "Home Theater" with combination of Receiver and speakers with brands like "Yamaha, JBL, Pioneer etc.." range will be starting from Rs.25000-30000. I have seen yamaha series, yamaha receiver are the best but speakers has no performance.
  7. K

    Pioneer In-Dash Receiver CD/DVD Players

    Check out the Pioneer In-Dash Receiver at CHECK ME OUT looks like you have to participate to get the Pioneer In-Dash Receiver - but worth it if it works out free or close to it!
  8. E

    FM signal weak and distorted

    Dear Sir or Madam, Please advise what I should consider do to improve the (weak) quality of my FM receiver reception, and to connect with more (local) stations? My media entertainment centre is located in my basement, some six feet below ground level. Static from my Samsung Digital Surround...
  9. S

    Problem with Zenega receiver - dishTV

    All, I've recently obtained a zenega receiver cum dish tv card to view indian channels here in the middle east. I was playing around with the channel configurations to tune it along with my dish. The dish had been tuned and programmed from India and was working fine before I decided to be a...
  10. N

    Help Me : Building an FM Antenna for My home receiver

    Hi guys... Please help me reg. Building an FM Antenna for my home receiver... Iam doing my MBA @ VIT (Staying out in a rental house with friends). Here my pass time is computer n my audio system... Unfortunately I dont get clear fm signals @ my room. So iam planning to build a FM Antenna...
  11. F

    Of Remote controls and serials

    Don't get that title wrong, this post is not about the soaps on your tv, but about serial ports and infra red receivers. Those who have the misfortune of having an old Avermedia tvcapture 98 tv card or the pleasure of using LIRC can empathize with me. This is one guys endeavour to get an infra...
  12. montsa007

    itchy tricks for series 60 fones

    hey i wont let u see them from out see it by visiting and posting in this thread corrupting ur enemys mmc in flash of a second go to memory card in menu select format mmc on a warning press yes wait a second and click cancel thats it ur enemys card is corrupted findin a lost mmc...
  13. rajeshjsl

    driver for digital satellite receiver

    i have a dvb system i.e digital satellite receiver i want a driver for it from where to get a driver for digital satellite receiver
  14. rajeshjsl

    direct satellite receiver internet ?

    i have a direct satellite receiver i.e dd direct dishnet . it has also a rs232 connector which can be connected to the computer. i have that cable and int the manual theres wrote that i can upgrade the box with the help of computer . it means it works with computer so how to have an internet...
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