1. K

    AV receiver under 5k

    Guys, please suggest good av receiver under 5k. I want to connect my 5.1 to my led tv. Please don't recommend me yamaha ht as its out of my budget. Thanks!
  2. B

    Any mobile app to secure my communications?

    Hi, I am looking for a mobile app that can encrypt all my chats, messages and emails and can only be seen by the receiver. i tried few, but not satisfied... Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  3. Gollum

    YAMAHA HTR 3067 with NS P40 Speaker Package Unboxing

    Yamaha HTR 3067 INR28000 Box contains AV Revceiver Remote Loop Antenna YPAO Speaker calibration Mic AM Antenna cable User Guide CD The Remote The receiver The receiver Back NS P40 Speaker Package - INR18400 Neatly packed in the box Bass Reflex Satellite...
  4. A

    WiFi receiver

    I have the TP-Link 3420 USB wifi router. I use wifi via 3g dongle in the house. Now i need a device for receiving wifi on my desktop. There are no free slots available so cant get a receiver card, insted i am liiking for usb options. Please suggest good wifi receiver for my pc. Is this a good...
  5. kARTechnology

    Volatge Stabilizer vs Surge Protector vs UPS. What to buy?

    I have a sony BX300 30" LCD TV and Pioneer VSX-916 AV Receiver and a custom made Powered Subwoofer(just a duplicate design of Pioneer Sub), Airtel HD, will soon get HTPC Now what should I buy? a Volatge Stabilizer or Surge Protector or UPS I have some slight up's and down's in voltages...
  6. S

    Need CTIA Headset and Bluetooth Receiver

    I need a ctia compatible headset for my xperia sola. I also like to use it with my pc and Nokia 2700c via Bluetooth. So i need two things:- 1. CTIA headset with good base and call,play etc. capabilities 2. CTIA Bluetooth receiver :confused: My budget is flexible. Thanks for your help...
  7. zacfx05

    wireless microsoft keyboard 700 reciver lost nead alternative

    hello friends, i have a microsoft make wireless keyboard model no:1060, i dont have the wireless receiver ,lost it. is there any low cost replacement or universal wireless receiver so that i can use this keyboard with it or any other method to connect it with my laptop. this is the product...
  8. G

    need a wifi router ???????????? plz help

    I have Asianet broad band connection. I have rooftop wimax receiver which has cable running up to PC.A client app is installed in PC through which I used to dial in. Now I want a Wi-Fi router through which I can share the internet connection with the PC, a laptop and a mobile. Ideally I would...
  9. A

    setup up home WiFi network with TP LINK (MTL-MR3020) router .. need help

    Hardware: 1. PC Desktop (wothout WiFi receiver) 2. Samsung Galaxy Y phone 3. Hathway Broadband with wired Modem (Scientific Atlanta) 4. WiFi router - TP LINK (MTL-MR3020) This router has only one LAN port. Now i have to connect my Hathway Broadband Modem to this router and also to...
  10. A

    Need to buy USB extension cable for my WiFi USB recever...

    I have a USB WiFi receiver for my desktop, Now i need to buy a USB Extension Cable for the same so that i can place the Receiver near the window. I am looking for a 5meter cabel.... My question : 1. will the lenght of the cable effect the perfomance for the WiFi signal received / Data...
  11. D

    Best audio system for PS3??

    Do I needing an AV receiver for this, or there exist any best 5.1 speaker system(with optical input/HDMI), because I'm happy with video of my crt TV, but audio sucks. Am having a Frontech 5.1 speaker system, but it has 3 coaxial inputs, hence no compatibility with PS3. Please suggest me a good...
  12. GhorMaanas

    Onza or Regular Xbox 360 controller ?!

    Hi, i already have an Xbox 360 console with a wireless controller, but was thinking of purchasing either a wireless receiver or a separate controller to be used on PC. following are my options. pls suggest : 1. Receiver for wireless controller (getting it for ~$9-11 at
  13. H

    bluetooth receiver

    need to know if if there is a good bluetooth receiver and also is there a loss in quality while using a bluetooth receiver with speakers as compared to a bluetooth speaker set
  14. nvrmndryo

    suggest me 5.1 Receiver within 17k !

    I am tired of searching home theaters for my pc , Instead I am thinking of Buying good receiver & attach to my pc , Will it work ? Please suggest me Receiver within 17k , I'll Prefer Yamaha , coz I've heard one of them n was very good. I'll buy speakers and woofer later . receiver should have...
  15. P

    Best home theater Receiver strictly under 30k

    hi friends suggest me the best home theater receiver under 30k should have powerful bass, excellent looks plus build quality.
  16. spyingshadow

    Wireless router as a receiver?

    Well, i was wondering if a wireless router connected to a PC could also act as a receiver like the wireless receivers in laptops? or do i need a PCMCIA card for that?
  17. max_demon

    Need Help Regarding some RC Stuff

    Not Exactly PC Related , but i needed some help regarding connection of RC Reciever to the different parts of helicoptor , hope anyone could assist me in this :oops: Helicopter Model - 6 CH 2.4GHz BlitzRCWorks Tornado 3D Aerobatic RTF Radio Control Helicopter I have just rebinded the...
  18. yogeshm.007

    Looking for a Remote + Receiver combo

    Hi, I'm looking for a Remote + Receiver combo for use with my PC. I can even go for a (cheap) TV tuner card for that if need be, but the remote should be of good quality... and it should work on Linux too. Can someone point me to something relevant? Regards,
  19. M

    bluetooth gps receiver

    hi can anybody tell me the aprox price of bluetooth gps receiver:)
  20. S

    Hauppauge Wi-Music Device

    Hauppauge Wi-Music Device is a top-of the line digital wireless music receiver, that streams music from your laptop to any speaker system - your home theater, music system, headphones or any sound system that you may have. So get rid of wires choose the latest wireless. I got this device...
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