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  1. S

    Reliance Broadband IP change possible ?

    Hi, I’m planning to take a Reliance Broadband Connection . I wanna know is changing the IP possible by rebooting the router ? I’ve an Airtel Broadband now and can change my IP by rebooting the router as many times as i want .. So Has anyone who has got a Reliance Broadband connection...
  2. R

    Problem (pc randomly rebooting)

    sir. For past -2 years my seondarypc was working fine .but now its random rebooting so did the following Removed all unwanted connectors and tried booting. still rebooted in few minutes 2 removed. RAM modules -no 3 veal sound 3 cleaned the pc. with blower and removed dusts and applied...
  3. S

    PC rebooting on giving PRINT command

    Hi all, My office PC (Intel Core 2 Duo E7600, 2GB RAM, Win 7 Pro) has a HP Laserjet P3005dn installed. Whenever I am giving a "print" command, the comp is rebooting. Is it bcoz of inadequate power supply issues? regards
  4. Kishal

    wave 533

    I had bought a samsung wave 533 two months back. just yesterday, the touchscreen started taking false inputs so i tried rebooting. however, now the phone does not boot at all. the bada logo appears and then the screen goes blank for a while. then it again starts rebooting , in the same manner...
  5. Shasanka_Gogoi

    problem related to rapidshare and other sites

    i have been facing this problem for the last 4-5 days. i am not able to download from rapdshare or any other such sites (deposit files, netload, storage, etc). the downloads start normally but than they would stop or get stuck on thier own at some point. i even tried changing the browser but its...
  6. C

    Ubuntu 7.10 hangs at startup screen

    Hangs WHENEVER I try starting Ubuntu.Last time it worked was 10 days ago.Tried rebooting 3 times today, but it's refusing to start up.Wtf man somebody please help me.
  7. R

    start up

    when system boots-up, windows logon is displayed thenafter pointer is displays on the screen & It stays the same even after rebooting the system for many times. What should I do?
  8. bravo007

    ????????Whats The Problem?????????

    ???????? What Problem Is This ????????? Hello friends :p I am using Sify Broadband Connection. I am using LAN card VIA PCI 10/100 Mb Fast Ehernet. The problem is that whenever power goes off or whenever i switch off/restart my pc (direct)when it hangs...., after reloging i am unable to...
  9. D

    Monitor problem

    I am having a core 2 duo, Nvidia 7300Gt graphics, 1024 DDR2 ram, When my system boots up, first the Xp symbol shows up and when it is time to go into the OS my monitor goes to stand by mode.(Monitior is LG L1752S) Then after rebooting many times, maybe even rebooting from safe mode , I enter the...
  10. Pathik

    PC not rebooting

    My pc isnt rebooting.. The cpu starts alright but the monitor led just keeps blinking.. The problem isnt related to software.. I havent been able to figure out the problem yet but think it might be due to excess moisture as it rained heavily here last night.. I know it sounds crazy but i m not...
  11. A

    System Rebooting Automatically - Help !!

    My machine P3 866 Motherboard 815 .. is rebooting automatically at the initial screen after Power On Self Test (POST) screen when the screen shows "Starting Windows" and the Progress bar moves from left to right. The OS is Windows 2000 SP4. I cant figure out whether its problem with Windows...
  12. speedyguy

    Ghost in machine: Help me out wit this!

    Well its certainly a virus but im not sure. i just got bk home for vacation n observed my system rebooting at its own randomly...esp while doing some task like copying, decoding, playing media etc. at times even uploading or downloading smthing from net. is it a hardware problem or am i infected...
  13. L

    AMD64 problems

    My frined tells me some apps wont run on the AMD 64 processor. Also there are problems of system crashing and rebooting. Any thoughts on it?? :roll:
  14. ax3

    Scandisk ! ! !

    i have xp with sp2 ... cant start scandisk instantly ... ie if i wanna sdisk my hdd, it starts only @ after rebooting or after new boot ... y cant i run scandisk instantly after clicking on run scandisk ???
  15. N

    Is hibernation safe option for laptops

    does frequent hibernation cause any problems in laptops. is it a better option to rebooting.
  16. C

    Invalid Time Stamp

    Hi, Whenever my Windows XP pro crashes or if there is a powerfailure and system shutdown abruptly...During rebooting, My system clock was reset to earlier date...(May 2003) and How to rectify this...
  17. Darthvader

    Urgent...Please help.....winxp system not booting

    Please help me. I am running win xp on pIII 800 mhz on 256 mb ram. i also have win 98 on another partition. recently i encountered the error that lsass.exe had performed an illegal operation and to report it to microsoft on connecting to the net. after that according to the suggestion on the...
  18. G

    Wordpad keeps crashing.....

    My problem is that wordpad keeps crashing....It can only be resolved by rebooting. My OS in XP w/SP2. Anyone with some soultions?
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