1. Subhankar Mondal

    Apps supported in my rooted Xperia ray

    I have rooted my Xperia ray. Which facilities can I get now ? And which apps can I install now ?
  2. ajayritik

    Need suggestion on a Blu Ray Drive

    My current DVD ROM Drive is gone kaput and I intend to get a Blu Ray Drive. Which is the best brand to get and if I get one will it be region free so that I can play a Blu Ray Disks on it? Kindly share your views.
  3. rohan_mhtr

    [For Sale] Samsung 3D BLU RAY Player with Smart TV features + Free Blu Ray movie disks

    Selling on behalf of my cousin . ( For Local buyers only ) Description : For sale is Samsung 3D Blu Ray player BD-E5500 with Smart TV features which lets you install smart apps like Facebook , youtube , twitter , games etc on your normal TV . Can become a media player by connecting USB-HDD ...
  4. ajayritik

    What to buy from Dubai

    Next month most probably I may travel to Dubai so wanted to know which electronic product I should buy? 1. Blu Ray Player 2. External HDD 3. Laptop Any other product?
  5. G

    Blu ray regional code unlock

    Hi, I recently bought a Samsung Blu ray player in Thailand(Model No. BD-F5500). When I tried to play an original DVD of “Avatar”, itdisplayed an error message, “could not read this disc. Please check theregional code of this disc”. I tried various remote controlled hacks, which areavailable...
  6. vickybat

    The Power Behind Unreal Engine 4

    The most awaited next-gen engine from epic games is almost upon us. Its tech features has been extensively discussed in the following video. UE4 features a whole new different type of ray tracing called voxel cone raytracing that completely eliminates pre-compute based lighting features or...
  7. HE-MAN

    Blu ray player needed

    Hello guys plz advice me a good blu ray player max budget 8000rs. also provide the link for the product and it would very nice if it comes with some free bd movies. usb port and lan is a must. wifi if you find it within the budget. thanks in advance.
  8. F

    sony xperia u or sony ericsson xperia ray?

    guys i have to buy a phone this week.i've sorted out two phones.the xperia u and ericcson xperia ray. could you suggest me which one i should go for? the U has no memory card slot and the ray is not supported by sony anymore,also ray has 3.3 inch display compared to 3.5 of xperia u. also...
  9. K


    What to sacrifice? i7 3630 vs i7 3610 the 3610 comes with a Blue ray drive
  10. J

    Is it serious illegal if I copy a protected blu ray?

    I have a protected blu ray DVD, it's my favorite movie so I wanna make a copy in case the blu ray breaks. How to do it? And is it legal? Plus I just copy for personal use.
  11. T

    How is Motorola defy plus?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy a moderate budget Android device. I'm considering Motorola defy plus. I have done a little research about the device. But nowhere i have found the specs about the 3d performance. i doubt that is there any gpu integrated in the device such as the xperia ray...
  12. V

    Lg 32lm3410

    Any reviews on LG 32LM3410? I was going to buy LG 32LM6400 but came across this model and found its features better. This model is not shown on LG India's website but availabe in all lg exclusive stores please if anyone know anything about this model kindly share. PS: Blu ray player is free...
  13. blackedition91

    Android under 16k

    1. Budget? 16K Max. Very Strict 2. Display type and size? 320x480 and above. 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? Touch 4. Preferred choice of brand? Sony, Samsung, HTC, LG. 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type). Touch. 6. What camera option you want? Please...
  14. ajayritik

    Will my Samsung D6000 have decent encoding/decoding capacity for playing USB builtin

    I have Samsung D6000 46"TV and an Onkyo 3500. Currently I don't have plans to buy either a Blu Ray Player or a Media player. I decided to postpone the purchase of the Media player since my TV plays most of the video files from the USB port if I connect a HDD. However couple of my friends were...
  15. ajayritik

    Should I buy a Blu Ray Drive?

    Guys recently my DVD ROM Driver stopped working so I was thinking of buying a replacement DVD ROM Drive but I thought should I put some more money and get a Blu Ray Drive? Is it worth it? How much is the minimum amount that I need to spend on? Since I recently bought a LED TV I thought maybe I...
  16. C

    How to play blue ray HD videos on Intel HD Graphic?

    Hi, I have a Toshiba C640 X4012. with hardware conf. as- Intel® Core™ i5-2430M Processor 4Gb RAM Mobile Intel® HM65 Express Chipset Intel® HD Graphics 14” HD Clear SuperView Led Backlit TFT display CSV Screen (16:9 aspect ratio) Resolution: 1366 X 768 pixels When I try to play...
  17. T

    xperia ray touchscreen issue

    Hi After some confusions I have decided to go for Xperia Ray but I have one major concern. As I read in many forums/blogs, Xperia Ray has pre-applied screen protector and because of that touch screen is not responsive Can any xperia ray owners confirm about this issue? Is it true that...
  18. sanoob.tv

    Sony ericson Neo vs Ray

    hey,my frnd is planin to buy a new android phone, we narrowed down the search to se ray and se neo(8 mp)(16k-17k) is there any users of ray or neo or the both,which one is better.and in battery backup too.
  19. Ayuclack

    Getting A New Phone 20k...

    Well I Need To Get A New Phone For Dad...Budget 20k.... It should have A God Camera(1st Priority) The One I Short Listed are.... Xperia Ray Xperia Neo Galaxy R Any Other Please Suggest
  20. S

    any opinion about xperia ray?

    any users of xperia ray here ? how's the phone, camera and battery performance ?
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