1. wwwescape

    RAW SD Card

    I have an SD card which was used formatted as internal storage on an Android 6.0.1 mobile. That mobile is no longer functional and I wanted to use the SD card again on another device. However, before I use the SD card, I need to format it. The issue is that the brand and size of the SD card is...
  2. quagmire

    [Help] 'Caution' in CrystalDiskInfo for External HDD

    My 7 month old WD My Passport 1TB External HDD was running fine until now. Hadnt checked smart values until recently Windows recommended a chkdsk. And after 6 hours this is what it shows: I later ran CrystalDiskInfo and the values are here: The Raw values of the Current Pending Sector...
  3. G

    Shooting indoor group people photos with P&S - need tips.

    Not sure if to post in camera talk or photography thread, so I created this one. In my recent attempts, I haven't got any exceptional photos shooting indoor group photos , most of them were ok. So looking out for tips on these photos as these constitute about 50% of my photos. - Photos...
  4. omega44-xt

    Adobe Photoshop/Bridge CS5 Camera Raw starting problem

    When I try to open any pic in camera raw, this pops up (I'm learning photoshop using some tutorial) Any solutions ? Can I just skip camera raw(I think i can skip it) ?
  5. H

    Waiting for a 1TB SSD below $1 per GB? Crucial says wait no more

    Waiting for a 1TB SSD below $1 per GB? Crucial says wait no more | Ars Technica
  6. D

    HDD issue of Lenovo Laptop

    hdd of my laptop was ok, but recently windows detected some error on hdd. with diskcheckup utility it is saying: reallocated sector count status: fail value 140 worst 140 threshold 140 raw value 478 predicted tec date n.a. any help? hdd is out of warranty...
  7. F

    Hard Disk Partition turned into Raw. Testdisk not working

    My PC was experiencing frequent lockups and hangs so the local technician formatted the c: drive and reinstalled windows on it. However, now I cannot access my F: drive as clicking on it says that the disk has not been formatted, and clicking properties shows it formatted as raw. Searching for...
  8. K

    Need help

    I was thinking of buying a digital camera as cheap as possible The only reason for this although I am satisfied by my N73 phone camera I want a camera which can do HD video recording and most important shoot RAW files as I am really impressed by this format My budget is nearly 5k i know it...
  9. Gauravs90

    With an eye to the future, try raw photos today

    If you enjoy photography, don't make the mistake I did. Using my then-new SLR in 2005 and 2006, I photographed everything from my new son to otherworldly canyons we visited in Utah. The only problem: the photos were taken only in JPEG format. JPEG is fine as far as it goes, and indeed for...
  10. TheHumanBot

    pendrive stucked in RAW format

    pendrive transcend 4GB my pen drive is in RAW format so i cant format it :cry: i tried Control Panel => Admin. Tools => Disk Management but pen drive is not listed in this list :shock: so any other idea about this :idea:
  11. mikael_schiffer

    Virus wiped my partitions, Help me plz

    Hey guys, got a virus attack, truty old Windows Firewall, SpyWare Doctor and AVG couldnt do jack to save me. I came upon a site which had ebeded videos. It said i need to download a flash plugin. I downloaded and when ir an it i got BSOD When i restarted , My COmputer looked like this C:\...
  12. R

    A, a, a, a, RAW format in my Flash Drive

    :lol: Hi, Friends, Windows xp defines my Pendrive is in RAW format I've a Flash Drive (1GB). The Windows detects the drive as a healthy but no autorun. I tried to open it but prompt for the option to format Y/N. As followed, guides to format dialogue box. Selected FAT32, clicked OK. The...
  13. jack_the_ripper

    Please check this, "Raw read error rate"

    hi guys, i just did a scan wid HD tune to check my hard dish and i got an error saying "raw read error rate" status: failed. What does this mean?
  14. M

    sending mails automatically while monitoring inventory using spreadsheet

    One of my friend uses spreadsheets for inventory monitoring. What he wants is that if he enters a delivery date for a certain item, then about a week prior to that an email should be dispatched to the concerned person regarding the needs, if the needful isn't done my friend will set off a...
  15. Vivek788

    RAW hard disk

    I have made a thread in hardware troubleshooting about one of my hard disk not being opened in Windows.But it works well in Linux.It had happened due to accidental physical impact. There I got the reply to try smartmontools to check if its hardware issues,and the tests were passed. So I am...
  16. M

    pen drive converted to RAW

    hi frnds My UMAX Apus 210 pen drive has been rendered unusable as it has been converted to RAW file system and nothing can be written on it.I cant format it anyway. Pls help.
  17. P


    Hi, I need a help on the below problem. One of my drive has suddenly changed from NTFS to raw and I am unable to access this drive, when i check with any partition utlity I can see the contents of the drive. so the data is secure but not able to access. Please help!!!! Thanks in...
  18. R

    Smackdown vs Raw 08

    has anyone played it.how's it? the storyline the gameplay.
  19. shashank_re

    !!!!!!!!!!8 Mbps From Airtel!!!!!!!!!!!

    Guys, The wait is now officially over: Airtel now offers 8Mbps of raw speed, details could be found here: *economictimes.indiatimes.com/News_by_Industry/Airtel_to_launch_8_Mbps_broadband_in_India/articleshow/2446794.cms
  20. P

    HOW TO PLAY PS 2 games on PS 3?

    hey mates.. kindly tell me which PS 2 games can we play on PS 3..... i have tried playing FIFA STREET 2, RAW vs SMACKDOWN 2007..but the games do not work...how is the backward compatiablity work??
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