1. RON28

    which monitor to purchase for 15k?

    My friends wants to buy a new monitor, his budget is 15k and needs a good monitor which looks slim and sexy :) he says he needs a monitor with low RESPONSE RATE, and whats the difference between VA and IPS monitors?
  2. A

    Best external portable Hdd (power indpendent) with 1TB and best transfer rate

    Hi guys, need external portable hard disk 1tb. Looking best transfer rate but it should be good value for money.Looking for best deal in mumbai. Thanks.
  3. Desmond

    Horror Movies Discussion

    Hi, I am starting this thread for all lovers of all types of horror movies out there. Suggest, rate and critic horror movies here.
  4. sayan8

    For Kolkata guys..whre i can get 7750 at cheapest rate????

    Please tell me where i can get 7750 for my freind at cheapest rate in chandni chowk...... please tell the shop address...........
  5. riders4siam

    Is it a Power Supply Failure?

    Hello guys, my 1year n 1 month old HDD 2TB SATAIII Seagate started giving problem a few months back. Using 600W SMPS GSM PRO (got it from cost to cost) with 2 optical drive, Saphire ATI HD6850 graphics card, P5G41T-MLX with Core2Duo E7500, 2gb RAM x 2 corsair value ram and a 1TB SATAIII Hitachi...
  6. I

    when will dollar rate stabilize??

    hi guys, Actully i have not much of an idea abt economics and commerce.. But still if any one can explain in brief that y is rupee gettin so weak agaist dollar?? And when it is expected to get back to normal?? Like when the conversion rate will be less than 50?? Thanks..
  7. P

    Zen A60 Mobile 3G Dual sim

    Hi, Ok today i saw this review section and thought i should share my mobile experience for this Indian manufacture . Zen A60 Mobile 3G Dual sim Build quality : Good Color : White ONLY 1st Sim : 3g +2G (wcdma) 2nd SIM : 2G/GPRS Processor : MTK 6268 Video Call : Yes Touch Screen ...
  8. A

    Refresh rate problem

    Urgent help needed i accidentaly increased the Refresh rate of my Dell IN1930 from 60 to 120hz. Now i cant access my user mode but only the safe mode. In safe mode no option to change refresh rate. Now every time open the user mode a box appears saying to reduce the resolution to 1360*768...
  9. omega44-xt

    Software needed

    I want a software(app) to monitor specifically which app is using my internet connection(also at what rate). I would be better if it has an option to close the unnecessary app.
  10. digit06

    Help me buying a Graphics card!

    i am looking for an pci gfx card a got a imformation the geforce 520 is the pci graphics card and its not pci expresss its just pci plese tell me the rate of that my budget is around 3000to 4000 :lol:
  11. kool

    What is the best way to convert large HD AVI files to small size? Nikon Camera Vid eating space..

    Hi guys, After recording HD vid from Nikon Coolpix L25 it takes too much space for any vid. Like 26 second vid took 37 MB on hard disk. Now I've so many small vid clip. And want to convert them to small size but same quality. So tell me how can i do that? Sound quality doesn't matter for me...
  12. cray.x

    Bad monitor!

    hey hello guys i owe a Sansui 32" LCD. usually i connect my desktop with it with the VGA port. but while I'm gaming on it it shows frequent lags. I don't know what is the problem, i want to get it sought out! i checked the specs of my LCD and found it to be of 60hz(refresh rate), so i was...
  13. B

    Need to know which is the best mobile carrier in Mumbai

    HI... iam going to Mumbai for the first time. i need to know which is the best mobile carrier.. i am looking for the one which has cheapest National SMS rate...
  14. iinfi

    bsnl connection issues

    yea folks .. another chap with bsnl connection issues IN THE AFTERNOON WHEN CONNECTION WAS STABLE Mode: ADSL_G.dmt Traffic Type: ATM Status: Up Link Power State: L0 Downstream Upstream Line Coding(Trellis): On On SNR Margin (0.1 dB): 269 290 Attenuation (0.1 dB)...
  15. gameranand

    Difference between Sennheiser HD 202 & HD 202 II

    I am thinking of buying this headphone but everywhere its price has been increased with the new tag "II". Whats the difference between vanilla and this newer one ?? Also please provide link where its available at cheapest rate.
  16. S

    Toshiba 24PS10ZE as PC Monitor

    I want to buy Toshiba 24 Inches Full HD LED 24PS10ZE. I know its going to be a good TV, but I wanted to know how good is it as a PC Monitor as its refresh rate hasn't been mentioned anywhere. Anyone who is alreay tried doing so?
  17. A

    laptop buying advice

    Hi. I'm planning on buying a laptop(dell or HP most probably) with the following facility or higher. Intel i5(2.5 GHz or higher),512MB or 1GB graphics,4GB ram,500GB HDD ,15.6 " screen(must be able to view 720p without any problem with better sound quality and refresh rate), better battery life...
  18. M

    Samsung UE32d5000 LED TV as monitor..? how good is this

    had plans to purchase a Asus ve278q 27" led monitor with 2ms response time and was good and perfect monitor, but went to chroma and saw this one.. Samsung UE32d5000 with clear motion rate of 100, i know this has a refresh rate of 50Hz, but saw reviews on youtube that this is good substitute as...
  19. 0

    HP Pavilion DV4-3145TX?

    Anybody here has any experience with this laptop? If yes how would you rate this laptop? Are there any issues that I should be aware of?
  20. A

    new config for rs 112000 please rate from 1 to 10

    hello guys this is final config for rs 1,12,000 inr please rate from 1 to 10 processor -intel core i7 2600k motherboard-asus p8z68 v-pro graphic card-msi twin frozr gtx 580 hardrive-seagate barracuda 7200 rpm 1tb psu-corsair enthusiastic series tx850 case-cooler master haf x...
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