1. anirbandd

    HDD + RAM suggestions needed for desktop

    Hi All, I want to upgrade my RAM and buy more storage for my system in the signature. RAM: I want to increase RAM to 8GB. Am currently on Kingston Value series ram in dual channel mode [2x2GB], and would like to get a taste of a good quality, moderately priced performance RAM, like...
  2. Hrishi

    Storage Options for Laptop

    Tired of the slow performance and extreme lags offered by the current 500GB 5400RPM Toshiba HDD , which came along as the stock Storage for my 2 year old laptop , I have decided to go for a new storage option. Configuration of Laptop : Core I7 3610QM 2.3Ghz 4GB DDR3 RAM 1333Mhz 500GB...
  3. kg11sgbg

    XIAOMI mipad to launch in India at Rs.12,999/-

    Source : This one is a hell lot of a device running under NVIDIA Tegra k1, 2GB RAM,2048x1536 pixels,etc...:-D:lol: Only con for many of us :--> It has no sim slot(wifi model only):-x It will be available at Flipkart from 24th March 2015 onwards... How many are willing to buy it?????????????????
  4. T

    Laptop DDR3 RAM.

    You might not find a PC in every home, but you are sure to find a Laptop or Notebook. Laptops are more of need now than a luxury. Most of gaming also happen on these laptops, and thus when it comes to making these lappies gaming friendly, RAMs play a very significant role. There are very limited...
  5. savithk

    Ram upgrade Queries

    some advice ....iam looking Ram upgrade .....My ASUS M4N68T-M-V2 Motherboard only 2 DIMM slot for max only 8 GB DDR3 RAM support Motherboards - M4N68T-M V2 - ASUS should i go for this DDR3 RAM Amazon.in: Buy Corsair CMZ4GX3M1A1600C9 Vengeance 4GB Single Module DDR3 Memory Kit Online...
  6. mikael_schiffer

    Got CHEATED by HP Service Centre. Stole my RAM, what else have they tricked?

    So i finally got back my HP G6 2005ax which i had given for motherboard replacement way back in July 2014. Unfortunately, my brother went to pick it up and he didnt check the laptop at the service centre. When i finally checked the laptop... 1) The entire hard disk content is different. There...
  7. hellknight

    Confused regarding using different brands of RAM

    Hello. I'm thinking of getting Corsair value select 4 GB @1600 MHz. Currently I'm using ADATA Premier 4GB @ 1600 MHz. The motherboard is Gigabyte GA-H87M-D3H and the processor is Intel Core i5 4570. The reason to use Corsair's RAM is that Flipkart doesn't ships to Himachal and Snapdeal has...
  8. S

    Gskill RipjawsX 4gb*2 ddr3 1600Mhz 4.6k shipped

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: [COLOR=Red][B]Expected price[B] 4.6k shipped for ram Source and Time of Purchase: Locally on sept-2012 for ram. Reason for Sale: Need money RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced/RMA'd Product Condition: 5 out of 5. Purchase Invoice...
  9. S

    Intel E7500+ gigabyte g41+6gb ddr3 ram for 6.5k

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Intel C2D E7500, Gigabyte G41M-S2PT, Transcend 4+2gb ddr3 1333MHz ram. Expected Price: Rs sold Source and Time of Purchase: All items were bought over a period of time Reason for Sale: lying idle RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced/RMA'd...
  10. R

    Ram suggestion required

    Hi Guyzzz, Confirgured my pc in september 2014 based on your suggeswtion : AMD fx6300 Gigabyte motherboard XFX R9270x GPU 8 GB kingston hyper x blu ddr3 that cost me aroung 4800 rs Now the thing is that I want to upgrade my RAm to another 8 gb but I am unable to find it online. Can I fiut...
  11. NiGHtfUrY

    Ram Queries.

    I bought a 4gb G.skill ripjaws x ram last year and i now plan to buy another 4gb. How important is it that i buy the Exact same ram with the same timings and cas latencies? And if it is important how do i find what timings and cas latency my existing ram has? I used Cpu-z but i am unable to...
  12. A

    should i go for corsair ddr3 4gb ram for my laptop?

    I am using dell inspiron n4030 , and currently has 4gb ram.I am thinking of expanding the memory as i have to run more applications in vm ware(its basically slowing down my system when i open any os in vm).I have 2 slots one is occupied by 4gb ram and other by dimm2 card.Is dimm2 card required...
  13. S

    which DDR3 RAM ? gskill rj/corsair ven/kingston hyper x

    hii thanks to digit.in n other tech forums i have finalized my config MOBO >GIGABYTE H97 MD3H PROC > I3 4160 G CARD > GTS 450 NVIDIA NOW need a RAM SUGGESTION Between G SKILL RIPJAWS /CORSAIR V/ KINGSTON HYPER X (their models if any) Considering their performance , warranty ...
  14. mikael_schiffer

    Need ultra cheap motherboard for Intel Pentium E5200 with DDR3 support

    I am currently using a G31 motherboard from some Indian brand, with 2 X 1GB DDR2 800 RAMs which i wanna replace(but cant yet...read on...) I bought a DDR3 RAM, doesnt fit in that motherboard. I know im stupid but i wouldn't wanna spend money on DDR2 RAMs since they are yesterday tech and...
  15. Nerevarine

    Discussion: Counterfeit products : Transcend/Kingston RAM

    I have found out that many sellers, have been selling counterfeit transcend , kingston RAM.. Snapdeal already gave refund on a similar counterfeit product but this time I tried amazon.in .. I ordered one from a reputed seller (5 petals) to check if they sell genuine ones before ordering a full...
  16. R

    Budget 20k for Processor only [No Gaming, No OC]

    Its offtopic but let me say it. Around 7 years ago, I joined this forum to get VFM PC config. A member named Choto Cheeta (His real name was Saurav Basu from Kolkata) along with other members were very helpful and open hearted in giving suggestions. Infact I remember those days when I was really...
  17. D

    Need battery and ram for asus k53

    I have inquired about battery at asus service center in pune but i am not getting any response for them. Suggest me some shops or website where i can get good quality battery for K53SM-SX010D. Also I want to upgrade my ram from 4 to 8gb.
  18. C

    Mother Board Died, Suggest new one

    Last week mother board in my old computer died. I need suggestions to get it working. The PC have 1 GB DDR 2 RAM. Core 2 Duo 4400 CPU. Since RAM is DDR 2 and is only 1 GB, i think i can buy a DDR3 RAM. If i get a new Mother Board, will i able to use that CPU or i have to buy a CPU too ...
  19. ssk_the_gr8

    1GB RAM Windows 8.1 Tablets. Performance?

    As mentioned in the topic, I am interested to know how these 1 gb ram tablets perform? Both in desktop mode and modern UI mode? Do they lag a lot? How is the gaming on it(App store games)? even with heavy games like fifa 14 for tablets? Please post your experiences
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