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I have found out that many sellers, have been selling counterfeit transcend , kingston RAM.. Snapdeal already gave refund on a similar counterfeit product but this time I tried amazon.in .. I ordered one from a reputed seller (5 petals) to check if they sell genuine ones before ordering a full batch ,.. to my surprise, i found they too sell the exact same thing.. !! The counterfeit RAM comes in a black plastic case, badly printed packaging and no warranty leaflets..original transcend comes in heat sealed packaging,
Also, The counterfeit product i recieved has a 11 digit instead of 10 digit serial number..
Entering the serial number on Transcend's website (by ommiting the first digit), gave a valid registration for a transcend pendrive (wtf?).. clearly someone tried printing out a bunch of serial numbers from cheaper transcend products and pasted them on their RAMs..
This is what a new transcend RAM looks like :

and this is what I got:

I know this because I have purchased original transcend RAMs in the past and registered on their website.. Take a look

Lastly I have found that Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon and some sellers on ebay as well as both Transcend AND Kingston brands have been compromised...
Take a look at this
Kingston DDR3 4 GB PC DRAM (KVR1066D3N7/4G) - Kingston : Flipkart.com

Im completely certain this is the exact same RAM that I have with a different sticker, Original Kingston packaging comes in a sealed plastic case..

So a helpful tip for anyone that is going to purchase general purpose RAM for office/home computers : DO NOT PURCHASE TRANSCEND OR KINGSTON RAMs ONLINE UNLESS YOU CAN VERIFY BEFORE BUYING !

Other brands, havent been compromised (Corsair/Gskill etc as far as I know)..
Transcend Fakes Upset Memory MOP - CRN India
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I only purchase from WS Retail and at times Amazon fulfilled sellers. That saves me 95% hassles. Rarely I also purchase from HS18 and Infibeam as they sell on their own.


The seller i purchased this from was amazon fulfilled and had a 4.5/5 rating.. WS-Retail doesnt sell transcend/kingston RAM anymore, otherwise id have opted for that..
Flipkart sellers are also selling this fake RAM, i have confirmed it
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